95% of Useful Business Data Isn't Used. Here’s the Solution

95%. That’s the percentage of useful business data that goes unused.

5 Real Examples of Folksonomy 

Folksonomy can be a hugely powerful tool for all kinds of organizations. Actually, some things you probably use every day incorporate folksonomy, even though you might not have realized it. We’re going to talk about some real examples of folksonomy so that you can see what a powerful tool it is.

Bismart's Intelligent City Bot is Now Available on Microsoft AppSource!

We’re excited to announce that our intelligent City Bot is now available on Microsoft AppSource! You can try a trial version of our bot for free.

5 Challenges Social Services Face When Dealing With Data - and How to Solve Them

New technology is extremely powerful, and all types of organizations and companies have access to huge amounts of data. However, simply having lots of data isn’t enough; organizations also need to have a way to get real insights from it. If this can be done, data can be used to help us solve a wide range of problems.[...]

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10 Aging Population Statistics That Highlight Why We Need Big Data Solutions Now

Aging populations are a reality that countries all around the world have to face. Older populations are increasing in both number and proportion globally, so just about every single country will have to deal with this issue sooner or later. This shift is going to lead to changes for many different parts of society.

How Technology is Helping Fight Energy Poverty in Barcelona, Spain

Ever since the global Great Recession, many countries around the globe have seen a rise in energy poverty; that is, the amount of people who can’t afford to pay for basic energy needs. It’s clear that we need to find new ways to help people who find themselves in this situation.

6 Real Examples of Cities Making Roads Smarter - and Safer

Today’s cities are smarter than ever, but there are still many ways technology can help us achieve even more. One area that many cities around the world are trying to improve using technological advances is traffic fatalities. Serious injuries and deaths from traffic-related accidents happen around the world, so many[...]

How Big Data Technologies Can Improve Tourism

Last month, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (WTO) met in Manilla, the Philippines, for the International Conference on Tourism Statistics. At the conference, a key issue raised was how cities can use big data to better manage tourism

6 Ways Technology Can Make a Big Difference for Aging Populations

Did you know that the aged population is at its highest level in all of human history? During the 21st century, we’re going to see faster aging than ever. This is not a temporary change, according to an extensive study done by the UN. The study examined how the world population has aged and will continue to age from[...]