What are revenue software and PMS lacking?

Today, the success of revenue management in tourist accommodation companies is well known. Everyone uses them, although few really know what they are about. Yet everyone boasts of doing it their own way.

How can PowerApps and Power Flows help you improve your company's ROI?

The database is the neuralgic center of a company, because its exploitation allows to obtain competitive advantages, to reduce costs, to speed up processes, to predict behaviors and to discover insights, among other things. Therefore, one of the most important decisions is the choice of business management software[...]

7 Key Elements on Insights, Technology, and Marketing Data Strategies

It is undeniable that the playing field in the environment of marketing and marketing data is under review and professionals in the area are challenged to redefine their roles, their activities, and their agenda to be influential in their companies.

Get Your 'The Future Computed' E-book by Microsoft

Technology has impacted the way we live since prehistoric times. However, in the last decades, the changes that our daily lives have undergone thanks to technology have happened at a dizzying speed. So much so that most of us perceive the great differences between the way we live today and our childhood life.


Data Can Explain and Reduce Hospital Exitus Percentages

The percentage of hospital exitus (hospital mortality) is an indicator used to measure the quality of health care. Although mortality is affected by many different factors, such as illness, accessibility, etc., hospital mortality is useful to measure the effectiveness of health care and is used to take measures[...]