Big Data is Everywhere: 5 Ways It's Used in Your Everyday Life

Big Data really is ubiquitous these days, and sometimes we might not even realize how much it affects our everyday lives. It is getting harder and harder to function in normal society without the presence of Big Data somehow in your life. Many of the changes are so subtlety convenient we barely notice them. It's no[...]

5 Cool Ways Companies Are Using Big Data

Big Data is all around us. Lots of companies are coming up with amazing ways to take advantage of the data and technology to provide fun, insightful products and services to consumers. While Big Data is useful for a solving plenty of serious problems – think medical breakthroughs, artificial intelligence, [...]

The Top Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the strategies and technologies that companies use to analyze business information data. Common BI strategies include reporting, online analytics, data mining, process mining, event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining and analysis, and predictive[...]

Bismart Featured in One of the Biggest Newspapers in Spain

We are thrilled to share with you the news that Bismart and our solutions have been featured in El Mundo, the second-biggest newspaper in Spain!

Our Newest Solution: Illegal Tourist Apartment Rental Detection

Today’s tourists want to live the true local experience, which often means staying in an apartment rather than in a hotel. However, many landlords are taking advantage of the situation to illegally rent out apartments for short-term stays, as they can charge tourists much more than locals.

“The Power of Data Helps Cities Become Smart Cities”

Cities all over the world are using technology to transform the way people live. They’re becoming connected smart cities, not just regular cities. That means cities where technology is used to solve urban living issues, which could be anything from smart streetlights that automatically turn off when the street is[...]

Applying Big Data to Local Adminstrations Generates Value Far Beyond the Public Sector

Normally, local governments and public organizations use a reactive model to offer services to people who ask for them. It can be difficult to change this situation. They often simply don’t have the human resources to better deal with their citizens’ problems.

Fortunately, technology is helping us improve how[...]

How Big Data Can Help You Comply With The EU’s Road Safety Programme

Here at Bismart, we’re experts at using Big Data solutions to help solve real life problems. Right now, countries across the world are facing a real problem: traffic fatalities. European countries are taking a particularly close look at the issue in light of the European Union’s Road Safety Programme, which sets[...]

95% of Useful Business Data Isn't Used. Here’s the Solution

95%. That’s the percentage of useful business data that goes unused.

5 Real Examples of Folksonomy 

Folksonomy is a type of artifical intelligence and can be a hugely powerful tool for all kinds of organizations. Actually, some things you probably use every day incorporate folksonomy, even though you might not have realized it. We’re going to talk about some real examples of folksonomy so that you can see what a[...]