What Is Azure Databricks and Do Companies Use It For?

No one can deny the growing need to process larger amounts of data in the shortest time possible and the boom of data storage in the cloud. According to experts, Azure Databricks is one of the most complete cloud data analytics platforms on the market. But what is Azure Databricks and what is it for?

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How Big Data Technologies Can Improve Tourism

Last month, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (WTO) met in Manilla, the Philippines, for the International Conference on Tourism Statistics. At the conference, a key issue raised was how cities can use big data to better manage tourism

6 Ways Technology Can Make a Big Difference for Aging Populations

Did you know that the aged population is at its highest level in all of human history? During the 21st century, we’re going to see faster aging than ever. This is not a temporary change, according to an extensive study done by the UN. The study examined how the world population has aged and will continue to age from[...]

How Condé Nast Improved Their Processes Using a Powerful BI Tool

By using the POWER BI tool, the mass media company now has a more complete view of data from its multiple providers, leading to a 30% reduction in support requests, as well as increased agility and efficiency.

Condé Nast is a multinational mass media company based in New York that was founded in 1909. Today, they have[...]

What Exactly is a Smart City?

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about smart cities – but do you know what they are? What defines a smart city and makes it different from a regular city?

Your Own Personal Doctor In Your Own Home? Let Us Share A Vision...

Illness can strike at any time without any warning, and it's always an awful feeling when it does. You can make as many plans or organize as many meetings as you like, and always at the worst time of the year your immune system lets you down leaving you bed-ridden for days. Disaster...

Magic Mirror Amazes at the Mobile World Congress

Bismart returned to the Fira Gran Vía once again for the world's biggest trade show in mobile phones and mobile technology to present their brand new product - the Magic Mirror. Over 108,000 people were attracted to Barcelona for the event, making 2017's edition the biggest in the history of the Mobile World Congress.[...]

How Virtual Reality Is Set For A Breakout Year In 2017

Last year's Mobile World Congress gave a good indicator of the current state of the mobile tech industry. Not just new, shiny smartphones and tablets, but rather the vast capabilities of mobile technology. Inter-connectivity between everyday objects and items, all controlled from your mobile phone. 5G network,[...]

5 Reasons Mobile Is Taking Over The World

Make no mistake about it - mobile phones are taking over the world. But don't worry, in a good way! Mobile phones have entered our lives in a way only the most inspired minds would have imagined at the turn of the century, making themselves indispensable to our day-to-day lives. They have brought the world closer[...]