What do we do? - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence machines can have. It differs from the human natural intelligence. AI research is considered to have begun properly in 1956 from a conference held at Darthmouth University.

Reporting Services and Highly Visual and Interactive Reports

Who said that highly visual and interactive reports, dashboards were not possible with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services?

What Do We Do? - Our Dashboards

More and more organizations make their decisions based on dashboards that help have a better visibility of results and control over their business processes.

Technology and the Human Body. From Egyptian Prostheses to Cyborgs

Medical technology has come a long way in recent years, both in the fields of research and detection of diseases, as well as in their prevention and treatment. Engineers have joined medical professionals to develop devices and technologies that allow, among many other things, the early detection of diseases, the [...]

IOT Solutions World Congress 2018. Key Insights

Another edition of the IOT Solutions World Congress has finished. We learned so much about the latest trends in IoT and Artificial Intelligence and got the opportunity to share the innovative and disruptive solutions that we have been working very hard on.

If You're Not Using Voice Recognition You're Wasting Time And Money

The structuring and recognition of voice and speech is a technology that has evolved enormously in recent decades. It first appeared in the 1950s, with Bell Laboratories' Audrey system that could understand numbers. The next system was IBM's Shoebox, which could process 16 words in English. Since then, speech[...]

Bismart will be at Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

Bismart will be attending this year's edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress. We will be introducing the latest innovation with our flagship solution Folksonomy Text Analytics.

Bismart will be a speaker at IOT Solutions World Congress 2018

On October 18th at the IOT Solutions World Congress, Bismart will introduce one of its flagship solutions: Folksonomy Text Analytics. The session is scheduled on 18/10/2018 at 12:25 in Room 7. In this blog post we explain the aim of the event and the topics that will be discussed, as well as the personalities that[...]