Bismart launches Kale: Discover our new brand!

Bismart has launched a new brand! Kale is Bismart's new business unit which, from now on, will focus on projects related to data applied to sales, marketing and customer behavior. This initiative arises from the need to create a meeting point between data analysis, market research and marketing/sales departments.

What Do We Do? - ABC Client Analysis

Have you ever thought about the profitability of each of your customers? If the answer is no, you may not be focusing your commercial strategies properly.

Customer Segmentation to Achieve Customer-Centricity

Technology has transformed our world, it is undeniable. In the business world, this transformation has resulted, among other things, in an intensification of the dialogues between consumers and companies, as well as an increase in the customer's capacity for decision making and expression. Businesses have understood[...]

Webinar summary: Customer Segmentation

Last Wednesday, October 21, our Head of Data Strategy & Insights Borja Martín held the Customer Segmentation webinar during which he explained the concept and showed a practical example of its use through the Bismart Customer Segmentation tool.