Power BI Data Governance: Management, Control and Security in Power BI

As an organization grows in number of employees and activity, managing its assets becomes more complicated. Many companies have a large number of Power BI users, as well as a large number of reports, datasets, and other essential content for the use of the service. As the number of assets in the Power BI environment[...]

How to Approach and Plan Power BI Projects?

Many companies consider investing in technologies to improve their business processes without realizing that the implementation of a new corporate business intelligence tool demands a well-designed deployment project. In this article we explain how to approach and plan Power BI projects to obtain optimal results.

How to Insert a Power BI Report in Powerpoint?

Microsoft has just announced one of the most awaited Power BI updates: the ability to embed Power BI reports into PowerPoint presentations. Discover all the details about the ultimate integration between Power BI and PowerPoint and how to take advantage of it.

Source: Microsoft

From Excel to Power BI in 6 Steps: Your First Power BI Report

Excel and Power BI are two of the most used Microsoft tools in business. Although both are useful for processing data, they have different purposes. Here's how to transform an Excel file into a Power BI report in only 6 steps

Microsoft Power BI Is the Leader of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2022

Once again,  Gartner names Microsoft the leader of the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms 2022. This is the fourth consecutive year that Gartner has named Power BI the most complete and powerful platform in the market.

Microsoft Announces the End of Featured Dashboards in Power BI

Microsoft has just announced the retirement of the Featured Dashboards in Power BI Service, which will be permanently removed at the end of April. What does this mean and how will it affect the usability and data governance of the tool?

9 Tips You Can Use to Make Your Power BI Report Less Slow

One of the most common problems when working with Power BI is the slow loading of reports. If we do not follow the right steps when designing our reports, it the loading time will probably be too slow, which can cause frustration. In this article you will find the 9 steps you should follow to speed up your Power BI[...]

Top 10 New Features of the Latest Power BI Update

We review the 10 most important new features of the latest Power BI update. A new format pane, optimised functionality, improved usability, new visuals and much more. Discover Power BI's new possibilities and how to unlock them!

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Data Analytics With Power BI

What advantages does Power BI have over other data analysis and business intelligence tools? Here are 6 reasons why you will achieve more advanced data analytics with Power BI!

Less Is More: 10 Ways to Use Less Colours in a Visual

Visualisation is one of the most important aspects of reporting. Visuals play a major role in the democratisation of data, by helping executives to understand the data so they can make better decisions. However, using too many colours can work against us, causing confusion and making our reports look childish. Here[...]