What Is Microsoft Fabric and How Will It Affect Power BI Users?

Microsoft has just announced the release of Microsoft Fabric and Copilot for Power BI. Fabric's flexible data architecture and Copilot's artificial intelligence capabilities promise to change the experience for Power BI users. However, beyond the hype, what will be the real impact of Microsoft Fabric for Power BI[...]

10 Best Practices for a Self-Service BI in a Business Environment

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Power BI Viewer Update: The new capabilities of Power BI Viewer 1.1

Power BI Viewer, the ultimate data governance and value generation solution for Power BI, has just released an update. Discover the new features of Power BI Viewer 1.1 and how to take full advantage of them.

Project Management With Power BI

Project management is a complex endeavour that involves coordinating several elements such as budget, schedule, scope and risk management. To carry out all this efficiently, you need tools that allow you to monitor and control the status of your projects. We discuss Power BI for project management.

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5 Ideal Data Governance Tools for Companies

Companies' technological transformation has led to the need for data governance strategies. Data governance tools and their correct use are vital for proper information management and strategic decision making.

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The 8 Great Advantages of Using Power BI Viewer

Many companies use Power BI as the central tool of their business intelligence strategy. However, the efficient use of Power BI becomes more complicated as the number of users, reports and other assets on the platform grows. Power BI Viewer solves the major challenges companies face when working with Power BI

How to Use Power BI? Types of Power BI Licenses and Services

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most widely used BI technologies by organizations around the world. Power BI is a set of services and its coverage of capabilities varies according to the type of license and permission of each user. In this article we explain the different possibilities for using Power BI that exist,[...]