The Future of Cloud Migration: 10 Key Trends

Microsoft has just published research on the keys to modernisation and migration to the cloud in 2023. We review the top 10 trends highlighted in the report and reflect on why moving to the cloud can increase business profitability.

Why Should You Invest in Multicloud and Hybrid Clouds?

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments are gaining relevance as companies strive to solve their new needs without wasting their investments in existing digital platforms and technology solutions. The biggest advantage of these environments is that they offer possibilities for flexibility, scalability and[...]

Cloud Infrastructure: 5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Deploying enterprise infrastructure in the cloud has many perks. However, many companies are not taking advantage of its real value because they operate in the cloud in the same way they did with legacy systems and on-premise services. We discuss the 5 most common mistakes organizations make when moving their[...]

ETL cloud: data warehouse automation

Data warehouse automation is a next-generation technology that relies on advanced design patterns and processes to automate the planning, modeling, and integration steps of the entire data warehouse lifecycle. Automation provides an efficient alternative to traditional data warehouse design because it reduces[...]