Business Intelligence: How To Plan a Project

Business intelligence plays a fundamental role in the strategic decision making of any company. The term encompasses the set of tools, processes and infrastructures that companies use to identify and analyze business information. It is used for many purposes, such as measuring organizational performance. In[...]


What Do We Do? - ETL

Have you ever wondered what is the key to optimizing your business strategies? We give you the answer: the key is in the control of the data.

What Is the Difference Between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Since the appearance of artificial intelligence (AI) at the end of the first half of the 20th century, the technology has evolved greatly. During its development it has lived golden moments, characterized by the conviction that this technology had great potential and the arrival of large amounts of money to carry[...]

When to choose a data warehouse instead of a database for your company

The enormous amount of data and information that a company generates and consumes today can become an organizational and logistical nightmare. Storing data, integrating it and protecting it, so that it can be accessed in a fluid, fast and remote way, is one of the fundamental pillars for the successful management[...]


Jaume Santacana, New CEO of Technology Consultancy Bismart


Barcelona, 14 May 2019.- Bismart, a technology consulting firm specialising in Data Management and Analytics solutions and services, recognised by Microsoft as the best partner in the world, is celebrating 10 years by driving its value proposition and building up its management team.

What Do We Do? - Data Warehouse

A data warehouse stores data. Its purpose is that the data can be consulted by the organization to extract useful information. Therefore, unlike a database, which is a mere data entry warehouse, a data warehouse is specially structured to favor the understanding and analysis of the data by the right person at the[...]


9 Power BI Updates You Should Know

Microsoft has launched many new features for its Business Intelligence Power BI tool over the last few months. These updates are framed in the technical aspects of the application, as well as in the functional and usage aspects.


Microsoft Releases Q3 Results for FY19

Microsoft has released its report for the third quarter of the fiscal year in which it shared the company's financial data for the first three months of 2019.


Classification Vs. Clustering - A Practical Explanation

Classification and clustering are two methods of pattern identification used in machine learning. Although both techniques have certain similarities, the difference lies in the fact that classification uses predefined classes in which objects are assigned, while clustering identifies similarities between objects,[...]

What Do We Do? - Elasticsearch



7 things you should know if you are considering deploying Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is one of the most popular search engines today. It manages structured and unstructured information from multiple sources, which it stores in a sophisticated and efficient way in order to optimize searches based on[...]


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