12 Tips You Can't Ignore When Creating a Dashboard

As companies become increasingly aware of the value of data-driven decisions and the power of data, the relevance of data visualisation and the criteria for presenting information through dashboards is growing. 

Dashboard de Bismart Customer Journey

What Is Data Mining? What Every Business Person Should Know About Data Mining

Despite being a complex concept that involves highly specialised professional profiles, data mining is increasingly closer to businesses. The growing relevance of data mining in business environments is creating a necessity. Entrepreneurs now need to understand what data mining is and what it is for. In this[...]

Bismart launches Kale: Discover our new brand!

Bismart has launched a new brand! Kale is Bismart's new business unit which, from now on, will focus on projects related to data applied to sales, marketing and customer behavior. This initiative arises from the need to create a meeting point between data analysis, market research and marketing/sales departments.

What Is System Integration and Why Do You Need It?

As enterprises' IT demands expand and become more complex, system integration is becoming increasingly significant and a premier requirement for business evolution and progress. Investment in system integration is growing steadily and organizations are realizing that having a centralized systems network helps to [...]

The 5 Most Successful Cases of Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Recently, in this blog, we introduced two commercial techniques that are becoming a favorite among businesses when trying to increase their profitability: cross-selling and up-selling. Now we go a step further and show how they are applied in real businesses, looking at some of the most well-known companies in the[...]

The Fragmentation of The Cookie in Google Chrome: How to Survive In a World Without Cookies?

Google has announced that the end of cookies is definitive and already has a deadline. The US multinational has confirmed that third-party cookies will be completely gone by 2022, although the exact date is still unknown and waiting for an agreement between browser owners.

What will a world without cookies be like?[...]

Data Warehouse vs Data Mart: Definition and Differences

Databases are part of the basic toolkit of any organization. However, usually only data managers are aware of the differences between the many types of databases that exist. In this article we explain the basic differences between a data warehouse and a data mart for non-experts.

What We Have Learned After Two Years of GDPR: Data Quality and Data Governance

Two years after the implementation of the GDPR, many companies are still not complying with the protection of personal data rules. The regulatory framework has taught us a lesson in data quality and data governance that companies can no longer ignore.

What Is ELT and How Is It Different From ETL?

While ETL is still a primary process in business, in recent years a new trend has emerged: ELT. In this article we go through the differences between the two and try to decipher which is the best option according to your data assets and what you want to do with them.

Microsoft Is the Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant Once Again

¡The analysis and research consulting firm Gartner has published a new Gartner's Magic Quadrant which ranks the most relevant analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platforms providers. Microsoft is the leader of the quadrant yet again and Gartner rates it as the best ABI platform distributor.