10 SQL Tricks Everybody Should Know

According to Google, there are currently more than 7,100 different languages spoken around the world. Surprising, isn't it? If we count all the computer programming languages that exist, there are more than 7,700 languages. Structured Query Language or SQL is one of the most widely spoken programming languages in the[...]

The 8 Great Advantages of Using Power BI Viewer

Many companies use Power BI as the central tool of their business intelligence strategy. However, the efficient use of Power BI becomes more complicated as the number of users, reports and other assets on the platform grows. Power BI Viewer solves the major challenges companies face when working with Power BI

From Data Management to Knowledge Management (KM)

The increasing adoption of hybrid work has accelerated the digitization of business operations, as well as the relevance of the execution of management processes that encourage effectiveness to face new challenges. In this context, businesses are focusing on knowledge management

How to Use Power BI? Types of Power BI Licenses and Services

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most widely used BI technologies by organizations around the world. Power BI is a set of services and its coverage of capabilities varies according to the type of license and permission of each user. In this article we explain the different possibilities for using Power BI that exist,[...]

Why Should You Invest in Multicloud and Hybrid Clouds?

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments are gaining relevance as companies strive to solve their new needs without wasting their investments in existing digital platforms and technology solutions. The biggest advantage of these environments is that they offer possibilities for flexibility, scalability and[...]

What Is Text Analytics? Find Out Through 5 Real Examples

Data analytics technologies have evolved so much that they are now capable of processing information in textual format thanks to artificial intelligence. Text analytics tools are becoming essential. Discover what text analytics is through 5 real examples.

Types of Predictive Analytics: Classification vs. Regression

Companies need predictive analytics models to anticipate future situations, adapt their suply to new market needs and optimize their strategies for the future. There are two types of predictive analytics: classification models and regression models.

Interoperability in the Era of Flexible Technology

In the era of flexible technology and extensibility, interoperability is no longer an added value, it is a necessity

Cloud Infrastructure: 5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Deploying enterprise infrastructure in the cloud has many perks. However, many companies are not taking advantage of its real value because they operate in the cloud in the same way they did with legacy systems and on-premise services. We discuss the 5 most common mistakes organizations make when moving their[...]

What Do We Do With Data? - Data Processing

Nowadays no one questions the value of data, which has become an essential asset for companies. However, the value of data is neither incidental nor contingent. Data in its original format is like an unpolished diamond. Unlocking its value involves processing it, treating it and transforming it. In short, a long[...]