What Do We Do? - Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Customer data management has become one of the focal points of business strategies and is already one of the most decisive factors in ensuring the success of a company. At Bismart, we are specialists in the development and implementation of Customer Data Platform (CDP), the only tool capable of solving the problems[...]

What Is an Operational Dashboards and How to Create One in 5 Steps?

The mission of a dashboard is to solve specific business needs and to support the decision-making process. For this to happen, it is essential that a dashboard responds to defined business objectives and is designed with the target audience in mind. We explain what an operational scorecard is and how to design it[...]

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence is positioning itself as a technology increasingly used by businesses around the world, but what is the role of artificial intelligence in business? We discuss the business benefits of artificial intelligence and review the 5 most important uses of artificial intelligence in business.

How to Create a Dashboard in Power BI?

Creating a dashboard is one of the most common tasks when working with Power BI. However, people who are not used to working on the platform may encounter difficulties when designing a dashboard in Power BI. We explain how to create a dashboard in Power BI!

How to Improve Your Hotel Occupancy With Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics and machine learning have great potential in helping companies optimise their operations, strategies and resources. When it comes to hotel chains, these technologies can help us predict occupancy, improve the customer experience and increase potential customer acquisition, among many other[...]


How Can a CFO Boost Sales Profit?

Maintaining and increasing revenue is one of the most important and challenging tasks that CFOs face. We often think that the only way to improve business profitability is to increase sales or reduce costs. However, increasing the profitability of our existing customers is an emerging business trend that we should[...]

4 Ways Data Science Can Boost Your Nonprofit Organisation

Although nonprofit organisations have the same access to data as private companies, they do not leverage data as much. We explore 4 ways in which a non-profit organisation can apply data science to boost their success.

The 6 Most Important New Features of the Latest Power BI Update

This November Microsoft has announced several new features in its data analysis and data visualisation platform Power BI. Discover the 6 most important updates to the platform and how to configure them

What Is an Analytical Dashboard?

Dashboards differ in form and content depending on the business need they are intended to address, their target audience and their purpose. Thus, dashboards can be classified according to their by their function. On this occasion, we talk about the analytical dashboard.

What Do We Do? - Recruitment

The labour market is more and more oriented towards digital profiles, especially in terms of data handling, processing and analysis, as well as the development of technological solutions. However, technological and IT profiles are amongst the most challenging to find and select due to the high level of technical[...]