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Classification Vs. Clustering - A Practical Explanation

Classification and clustering are two methods of pattern identification used in machine learning. Although both techniques have certain similarities, the difference lies in the fact that classification uses predefined classes in which objects are assigned, while clustering identifies similarities between objects,[...]

What Do We Do? - Elasticsearch



7 things you should know if you are considering deploying Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is one of the most popular search engines today. It manages structured and unstructured information from multiple sources, which it stores in a sophisticated and efficient way in order to optimize searches based on[...]

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The Best Power BI Visuals

The Visual Vocabulary is a complete guide to which Power BI visuals to use. Depending on the data you want to display, you will need to use one or another. 

Business Intelligence Battlecard: Power BI, Tableau, And QlikView

The rising of analytics and business intelligence adoption in companies is unstoppable, the number of analytics experts and data consumers is growing in a higher rate than resources in IT departments. So, analytics is evolving to a more user-friendly mode, using automation, natural language or voice processing; and[...]

What Do We Do? - Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a set of business analytics applications that enables you to visually and interactively analyze and share data using dashboards.

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Here's to another amazing decade!

It's easy to know when to celebrate you turning older. Or when it's your anniversary with your partner, or the anniversary of the first moon landing. Even your dog! If you don't know which day it was born, you can always celebrate the day you adopted it. But when we talk about companies... when is their birthday?

What’s the difference between supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is one of the most trending technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. It involves the use of algorithms that allow machines to learn by imitating the way humans learn. There are two main types of Machine Learning, the supervised Machine Learning and the unsupervised Machine Learning.[...]

Microsoft ends support for SQL Server 2008

Microsoft discontinues extended support for its SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 software. For this type of software, Microsoft offers support and security updates for all users for 5 years and extended support for 5 more years. Thus, extended support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 ends this year,[...]

Challenges and success factors in the implementation of a dashboard

Dashboards are tools that allow organizations to track and analyze their indicators and other results.


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