What's New in Power BI - February 2020 Update

The month of February has been full of new developments in Power BI. The platform has shared the latest updates, chosen from the comments of Power BI users in the community. Specifically, they have made two modifications that had been in high demand: the new ribbon and new DAX functions.


Microsoft Named Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Analytics & BI Platforms

The research and analysis consulting firm Gartner has published a new Magic Quadrant in February in which it classifies various analytics and business intelligence providers according to whether they are challengers, leaders, niche players or visionaries.


How to Bring Value to Your Customers With Artificial Intelligence

Differentiating your solutions and applications with intelligent technology will allow you to increase your competitiveness, but how can you bring value to your customers with artificial intelligence? Microsoft's new e-book answers this question.

How To Do The Work Of Weeks In a Few Hours: Bismart's Project With Hospital del Mar and Grupo Ferrer

Bismart Folksonomy

Folksonomy is a state-of-the-art tagging system that allows you to mine data sets and provides the information you are looking for in an instant. This system is based on folksonomy, a concept that starts from the traditional taxonomy in which categories are defined manually. In taxonomy, the[...]

How To Find The Perfect PMS For Your Hotel

The task of choosing a PMS for a hotel chain or hotel is complex due to the number of factors involved. When choosing, there are always many questions that are not easy to answer:

Charticulator: The Microsoft Tool That Allows You to Create Custom Visuals Without Writing a Line of Code

In the field of business intelligence there is a very useful skill: knowing how to properly represent the information found in the data. Being able to create these representations that share exactly the information and specific insights needed increases our competitiveness and efficiency and those of our clients.[...]

What is Azure Synapse and how is it different from Azure Data Bricks and SQL?

In November 2019 Microsoft announced the launch of Azure Synapse. What is it and how does it relate to the Redmond company's other data analysis services?


What Do We Do? - Customer Engagement

In the field of marketing, companies use a wide variety of strategies to make their brand and products known and to establish closer relationships with their customers. In this blog we have already talked about customer experience, customer scoring and customer lifecycle. These concepts are relatively simple to[...]

How To Use Power BI For Data Governance

Data governance is fundamental today for companies dealing with data, but many see it as a very cumbersome task. However, good data governance goes hand in hand with good analysis, as it can have related purposes. To achieve this symbiosis, it is only a matter of changing the work approach, so that the data[...]


In Case You Missed It... Bismart's Top 5 Blog Posts

With the end of the year it is good to sit down and reflect. As we mentioned in our Christmas post, this has been an intense year for Bismart. In our blog, the change has been very significant, with the introduction of a new strategy focused on content. If you want to review with us, these have been our most read[...]