What Is a .PBIP File in Power BI and How to Convert PBIX to PBIP?

Since the release of Power BI Desktop Developer Mode, Power BI users have started to explore .PBIP files, which foster version control and collaboration between developers in Power BI. In this article we explain what a .pbip file is, how to transform a PBIX into a PBIP file and everything you need to know about the[...]

Everything You Need to Know About Power Bi Desktop Developer Mode

Following the introduction of Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft has announced the launch of Power BI Desktop Developer Mode, a new extension for developers that integrates new features, including the ability to save work as Power BI projects.

What Do We Do? Data Integration

Data integration is a fundamental process in the area of information management. As the amount and variety of data generated by organizations has increased exponentially, unifying and consolidating information spread across different sources and in different formats has become essential. Carrying out an efficient data[...]

What Is Microsoft Fabric and How Will It Affect Power BI Users?

Microsoft has just announced the release of Microsoft Fabric and Copilot for Power BI. Fabric's flexible data architecture and Copilot's artificial intelligence capabilities promise to change the experience for Power BI users. However, beyond the hype, what will be the real impact of Microsoft Fabric for Power BI[...]

GPT-4: What It Is, How It Works and Differences With Chat-GPT

Finally, GPT 4 or Chat GPT-4 has been released. Since its official launch, the new artificial intelligence technology has generated a lot of buzz about its new features and differences to Chat GPT-3.5. We review the new capabilities of Chat GPT-4 and explain how to use it.

Why and How to Implement a Business Dashboard

In the era of digital transformation, business leaders are exposed to a large amount of information and 'noise' that can hinder business decision-making. Fortunately, digitalisation has also introduced new technologies that enable the creation of personalised dashboards in real time, which have the potential to [...]

Interoperability and the Tower of Babel

In an increasingly technological and digitized world, interoperability is a must for business processes to work. The myth of the Tower of Babel already predicted the importance of interoperability and can be taken today as an example of why interoperability is essential.

The 8 Major Hotel Management Challenges 2022 - 2025

Where does the hotel industry stand in 2022? What new trends will shape the hotel business? What are the main challenges facing hotel management today and in the coming years? What must companies in the sector do to adapt to change? This article provides an answer to these and other questions. 

Top 9 Power BI Updates - September 2022

This September Microsoft has released a new Power BI update that comes with amny new features: new sharing options, new visuals, simplified reporting, new connectors and much more. Take a look at the 9 most relevant new features of the latest Power BI September 2022 release

What Do We Do With Data? - Data Processing

Nowadays no one questions the value of data, which has become an essential asset for companies. However, the value of data is neither incidental nor contingent. Data in its original format is like an unpolished diamond. Unlocking its value involves processing it, treating it and transforming it. In short, a long[...]