Data-Driven Decisions: Why Should Your Decisions Be Based on Data?

If you are in charge of a company or work in the business world, it is very likely that you have heard the term "data driven decisions", but what are data driven decisions and why is it beneficial to base our decisions on data? Join us on a journey to make better business decisions based on data. 

4 Steps a Company Should Follow to Create a Data Strategy

Today, the success of a business partly depends on being supported by a modern, integrated and efficient data analytics strategy. While most companies have already realized the value of data and analytics, building a data strategy and leveraging its real value can be daunting. We explain the 4 key steps to building a[...]

The Role of Data Analytics in Business

Data analytics is the foundation of the business decision-making process. Making decisions based on intuition is no longer enough. Today, informed decisions and business intelligence are the driver of any business. We discuss the role of data analytics in business.