Data Quality: 3 Myths and a Truth About Data Quality

More and more business leaders understand the importance of data. However, data quality remains an unexploited and unfairly underappreciated area. We explore what data quality really is through 3 myths and a truth about data quality in the business environment.

5 Ideal Data Governance Tools for Companies

Companies' technological transformation has led to the need for data governance strategies. Data governance tools and their correct use are vital for proper information management and strategic decision making.

The 5 Technologies and IT Trends That Every Company Needs in 2023

Technology and information technology (IT) have become a fundamental part of business operations. However, many companies are still failing to leverage the potential of new technology tools to their fullest potential. We review the 5 IT technologies and trends needed for any business in 2023.

Data-Driven Decisions: Why Should Your Decisions Be Based on Data?

If you are in charge of a company or work in the business world, it is very likely that you have heard the term "data driven decisions", but what are data driven decisions and why is it beneficial to base our decisions on data? Join us on a journey to make better business decisions based on data. 

How to Transform Your Company’s Data Into Insights?

The generation of insights is essential for companies to make informed decisions. Today, making better business decisions depends on transforming data into business insights

4 Steps a Company Should Follow to Create a Data Strategy

Today, the success of a business partly depends on being supported by a modern, integrated and efficient data analytics strategy. While most companies have already realized the value of data and analytics, building a data strategy and leveraging its real value can be daunting. We explain the 4 key steps to building a[...]

10 SQL Tricks and Tips Everybody Should Know

According to Google, there are currently more than 7,100 different languages spoken around the world. Surprising, isn't it? If we count all the computer programming languages that exist, there are more than 7,700 languages. Structured Query Language or SQL is one of the most widely spoken programming languages in the[...]

From Data Management to Knowledge Management (KM)

The increasing adoption of hybrid work has accelerated the digitization of business operations, as well as the relevance of the execution of management processes that encourage effectiveness to face new challenges. In this context, businesses are focusing on knowledge management

Power BI Data Governance: Management, Control and Security in Power BI

As an organization grows in number of employees and activity, managing its assets becomes more complicated. Many companies have a large number of Power BI users, as well as a large number of reports, datasets, and other essential content for the use of the service. As the number of assets in the Power BI environment[...]

Top 8 New Features of the Latest Zebra BI Update

Zebra BI, a company that provides visuals for Power BI, has just announced an update that includes new capabilities and the optimization of some of its functionalities. We review the 8 most important new features of the latest Zebra BI update

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