Simplify Your Cloud Data Architecture With Azure Synapse Analytics

More and more companies are moving their data assets to the cloud. Choosing the right platform and architecture is critical to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. Azure Synapse Analytics helps companies streamline the management of their cloud infrastructure, while covering their analytical needs and solving[...]

5 Things You Must Know Before Getting a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The Customer Data Platform has become a crucial part of companies' information systems. However, acquiring a CDP does not always result in better customer strategies. We talk about the 5 things you should know before getting a CDP

What Is System Integration and Why Do You Need It?

As enterprises' IT demands expand and become more complex, system integration is becoming increasingly significant and a premier requirement for business evolution and progress. Investment in system integration is growing steadily and organizations are realizing that having a centralized systems network helps to [...]

Data Warehouse vs Data Mart: Definition and Differences

Databases are part of the basic toolkit of any organization. However, usually only data managers are aware of the differences between the many types of databases that exist. In this article we explain the basic differences between a data warehouse and a data mart for non-experts.

How to choose the right ETL tool?

If you're here, you probably have already heard about the ETL process - if not, we explain what ETL is here - and you probably know that it's essential so that companies can have control over their data, make better decisions and optimize their business intelligence strategies. If you're thinking about implementing an[...]

Automation and Integration: Key Methods To Optimize Processes

As a business grows, it is important to evaluate its processes to confirm that they are generating the expected results. Many companies still use outdated ways of working, wasting a lot of time and resources. Just because a task has always been done in a certain way, it does not mean that it cannot be changed to a[...]

What Is Data Consolidation and Why Is It Important?

Today, many companies are looking for ways to increase their competitiveness, their efficiency and effectiveness and their adaptability to unexpected changes. Those that are able to visualize data from all their departments in a comprehensive way are better prepared than others to make predictions, detect errors and [...]