Hotel Industry and Technology: Needs and Areas for Investment

What technologies do hotel chains need to invest in by 2023? We discuss the current role of data analytics, artificial intelligence and data integration in the hotel industry.

Top 10 Advantages of Migrating Your Accounting to the Cloud

Good accounting is a priority for any company. The preparation, monitoring and control of accounts is essential to ensure the good financial health of a business. More and more companies are moving their accounting to the cloud. We tell you why and what the advantages are. 

Interoperability in the Era of Flexible Technology

In the era of flexible technology and extensibility, interoperability is no longer an added value, it is a necessity

Types of Machine Learning and What Are They Used For

Bots that seem to speak your language, cars that work without anyone behind the wheel, recommendation systems that are able to predict what you are looking for or voice assistants that understand everything you say. All of these things that seemed so far off in the future, are now possible thanks to machine learning,[...]

Do I Need a Data Warehouse to Generate Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence and data warehouses are two of the most important elements for the proper functioning of modern companies. Both contribute to the digital transformation of companies in terms of data storage, security and exploitation. 

Customer Data Platform (CDP) vs Data Management Platform

Customer data fragmentation has become businesses' greatest enemy. Traditional customer data management technologies can no longer meet new business needs. We explore the differences between a Data Management Platform and a Customer Data Platform (CDP), an emerging technology that promises to replace DMPs