The 5 Technologies and IT Trends That Every Company Needs in 2023

Technology and information technology (IT) have become a fundamental part of business operations. However, many companies are still failing to leverage the potential of new technology tools to their fullest potential. We review the 5 IT technologies and trends needed for any business in 2023.

Top 5 Key Skills of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) For 2023

The role of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) has evolved significantly in recent years and has gained relevance in the corporate structure. On the other hand, the COO's functions are also transforming. We review the 5 key skills a COO needs to succeed in 2023.

The Top 12 New Solutions Presented in Microsoft Ignite 2022

Microsoft Ignite is one of the most important TI events. This year, the event focused on the flexibility of the cloud environment, artificial intelligence, security and new work environments. Don't miss the top 12 new solutions presented in Microsoft Ignite 2022!

4 Technologies to Invest in to Improve the Occupancy of Your Hotel

Hotel chains are recovering from one of the sector's worst periods. The social and market context has highlighted the urgent need for hotel chains to invest in technology and start developing a data-driven culture to improve their occupancy rates.

10 SQL Tricks and Tips Everybody Should Know

According to Google, there are currently more than 7,100 different languages spoken around the world. Surprising, isn't it? If we count all the computer programming languages that exist, there are more than 7,700 languages. Structured Query Language or SQL is one of the most widely spoken programming languages in the[...]