How to Bring Value to Your Customers With Artificial Intelligence

Differentiating your solutions and applications with intelligent technology will allow you to increase your competitiveness, but how can you bring value to your customers with artificial intelligence? Microsoft's new e-book answers this question.

Bismart add value to your solutions with Azure AI

Microsoft is constantly investing in artificial intelligence and the cloud to expand the quantity and quality of intelligent services.

Find out how to add value to your apps with artificial intelligence

In its e-book, Microsoft explains that one of the main benefits of working with its Azure AI platform is that the hard part is already done. Developers can use services with custom, pre-trained models instead of having to create their own models from scratch. These models can be adjusted to better suit your customers' needs and business goals.

In this e-book, Microsoft shares several case studies of companies that have used artificial intelligence technology to improve their competitiveness. To give you a clear picture of the capabilities and benefits of integrating AI as a service into your applications, this e-book discusses some real-world examples of software vendors using artificial intelligence to deliver greater value to their customers.

These success stories show how Azure Artificial Intelligence allows you to inspect and classify massive data sets to make information searchable and accessible without the need for manual processing, create interactive and engaging training environments through virtual and augmented reality, improve the speed and accuracy of data recording such as contact information, provide people in the field with the up-to-date information and actionable data they need, and speed up crime investigations by taking precautions to protect the privacy and security of people's data, among other features.