Learn how to apply email marketing effectively through these 2021 10 email marketing examples

Top 10 Email Marketing Examples of 2021

One of the most effective ways to carry out marketing campaigns is through email. Email marketing is a trend that has been around for years and is not likely to disappear in the near future, as it continues to bring great results to many companies. We list the top 10 examples of successful email marketing campaigns of 2021.

los 10 mejores ejemplos de email marketing de 2021

Despite all the social media hype and the advance of communication technologies, email remains one of the most influential digital marketing tools. According to Forbes "Email marketing is arguably more important now than it ever was before." Companies continue to turn to email marketing to spread the word about their new products or services, acquire new customers, build loyalty with existing customers and generate conversion. 

Email marketing's great advantage is that it is a form of direct communication that allows brands to directly interact with a specific person and create personalised content. In this sense, for an email marketing campaign to work, customer segmentation is key

On the other hand, email marketing has more conversion power than any other tool, since, in order to receive our emails, potential consumers have had to express their interest in the brand in one way or another and agree to give their email address. Therefore, unlike other communication channels, email marketing targets people who are already interested in the brand. According to a 2021 study by Constant Contact "61% of consumers surveyed want to receive promotional messages from retailers at least weekly, and 38% of them want to be emailed more often than that (daily, twice a week or three times a week)".

What is email marketing?

As the name suggests, email marketing reffers to companies, organisations, or other types of entities sending emails for marketing purposes to their existing customers, potential customers or people of interest.

Email marketing is one of the most important digital marketing trends of the last 10 years and its purpose is to create more meaningful relationships with customers, acquire new customers, increase conversion rates, increase sales, promote new products or services, etc.... The goals are endless and, according to the latest surveys on the subject, the results are very good. A research conductes by Texas Chronicle concludes that 76% of consumers have made a purchase motivated by an email marketing message. Also, according to a Hubspot survey, 59% of customers surveyed agree that email marketing influences their purchase decision.


Top 10 email marketing examples of 2021

1. Uber Eats: Attract customers with a welcome gift

A good way to create conversion is to offer a gift to users who have shown interest in our brand by registering or giving their email address. This is precisely what Uber Eats does. Through email marketing the brand offers discounts to users who have just registered in the application. Through this strategy they manage to increase the probability of new users making their first purchase.

Uber Eats also takes the opportunity to explain to new users how to use the app.

email marketing example uber eats


2. BBVA: Provide useful information

BBVA is one of the banking companies that has best taken advantage of the benefits of technology to attract and retain customers. Not only do they have one of the most user-friendly banking apps, but they are also a perfect example of how to apply email marketing.

BBVA uses email to provide information that adds value to customers. For example, as we can see in the image, the company uses email marketing to send exclusive offers, as well as to give users advice on how to save money through the company's additional services. 

email marketing bbva-1

3. Zalando: The power of personalisation

Content personalisation is one of the fastest growing trends in marketing. Zalando is a perfect example of how to apply personalised recommendations through email marketing. As we can see in the image, the company recommends items tailored to the characteristics and preferences of the customer through a customer segmentation strategy. This way, not only do they increase the probability of consumers buying a garment, but they also provide a unique customer experience to each user

email marketing example zalando

4. MUBI: Useful personalised information

The streaming platform MUBI combines useful information with personalisation. In other words, they use email marketing to offer useful information adapted to each type of consumer. In this case, the company uses email to inform users about the week's new releases and recommend films and series based on previous views.

On the other hand, MUBI takes care of the customer experience by offering users the possibility to unsubscribe if the emails they receive from the brand hinder the customer experience. They also complete the email with a call to action. These types of strategies are undoubtedly the ones that work best to capture the interest of customers or potential customers.

email marketing ejemplos mubi

5. Samsung: Don't underestimate the potential of good design

Samsung uses email marketing to inform consumers of its latest news. However, in this case, what stands out is the simple, elegant, clean and attractive design of its emails. The look & feel of the email is in line with their brand image as well as what they sell. The company also takes the opportunity to inform customers of discounts and includes a call to action to encourage purchase. 

email marketing ejemplos samsung-1

6. Duolingo: Direct and personal communication

This language learning app uses a simple but functional email marketing strategy. They opt for simplicity combined with direct and personal communication to engage with users. Few images, the brand logo and a brief but direct message. Their emails are proof that sometimes —and especially in email marketing— less is more. 

email marketing examples duolingo

7. GoDaddy: Promote your events

Website creation and management company GoDaddy uses email marketing to promote its upcoming events. It is a simple but effective strategy, as the users who receive the email have shown prior interest in the services and content offered by the brand. Thus, promoting events through email marketing is one of the best ways to attract audiences and improve attendance ratings

8. Shutterstock: The power of an ultimatum

Image bank Shutterstock employs one of the best tactics to get users' attention and encourage them to take an action —whether it's making a purchase or visiting the brand's website—. Informing users that they have a limited time left to take advantage of an offer in the subject line of the email is a sure-fire tactic that often works.

Combine the ultimatum with a call to action and you will see how the percentage of clicks on the link you want to promote increases exponentially.

email marketing ejemplos shutterstock

9. Amazon: A winning strategy

That the US company Amazon is extraordinary when it comes to generating conversion and encouraging purchase is undeniable. However, their digital marketing campaigns continue to surprise us with how well thought out and effective they are.

In this case we see an email marketing campaign in which the company took advantage of an important date such as International Women's Day (8M) to promote products that belong to women's businesses. Thus, the company not only shows its support for the social cause, but also takes advantage of the occasion to advertise its own products. 

Genius, isn't it?

email marketing ejemplos amazon

10. Apple: Report all your discounts

Email marketing is the ideal tool to inform our customers or potential customers of our discounts and offers, especially if they are of limited duration. Apple informs its customers of the days on which they can purchase its products at a greater discount. 

This form of promotion not only increases sales, but also satisfies users who are happy to know when they can buy at a lower price. 

email marketing examples apple

In this article we have shown 10 great examples of how to apply email marketing to achieve great results. However, no one knows better than the company itself how its customers are and the strategies that will work best to capture their attention and get them to take the action we want. Apply some of the strategies we have listed and complement them with originality and your own personal touch. Your marketing results will improve and you will see your profits increase.