Bismart were honored at the 2016 Internet of Things Solutions World Congress with first place in the Best Innovation and Technology Solution award category

We are really happy and excited to announce that Bismart has won the first place of the Best Innovation and Technology Solution category at the Internet of Things World Congress!

The award has been given to us due to our Smart Social Home Care For Aging Population solution which helps to improve the lives of people of advanced ages who, unfortunately, sometimes don't have access to the basic needs and suffer from multiple social disadvantadges. 

The award was accepted by Albert Isern, Bismart's CEO and Enric Martí, Bismart's International Development Director, who were both present at the congress. During the acceptance of the award, Albert Isern spoke about how he first acknowledged the problem and how the idea for an optimal solution came to him.

You can watch the acceptance here:


This award means a lot to us as a company and it is a proof that our efforts achieve results, not only profitable for us, but also for our clients, which is our focus point. This kind of recognition is what gives us strenght to keep working hard and making a great effort to develop the best solutions to our clients. If you want to take a look at our other solutions, you can visit our website. 

Smart Social Home Care For Aging Population: Bismart's solution

If you want to learn more about our winning solution, you can do so in our webiste post dedicated to this particular solution: Smart Social Home Care For Aging Population

Some of the most relevant aspects of the iniciative are: Data correlation of Social Services, Healthcare, Population, Economic activity, electricity and water supplies, waste management, and others, is the most revolutionary approach to solve the toughest problems our cities (and society) have to face: the aged, loneliness, social exclusion, mental health, social care and public health investment.

Posted by Maria Gorini