Bismart launches customized career plans for its employees. This year we have also renewed our brand image and made powerful incorporations to the team.

This year Bismart celebrates its tenth anniversary. In addition, it also celebrates the incorporation of many changes and the creation of a new strategic plan. As part of this strategic plan, individualized career and training plans have been developed that address the motivations and experience of each of the people who make up the team.


In addition to the creation of career and training plans, the new powerful additions to the team and the change of image stand out.

The purpose of creating these plans is to encourage motivation and personal and professional satisfaction of our team. We are fully aware that in order to continue to carry out our work with the highest quality, we must provide an environment in which employees can grow. For this reason, a good working climate is essential to create spaces in which the exchange of ideas, knowledge and ways of working can be promoted. Thanks to this, we can promote the development of skills and constant growth.

For the company's largest department, career plans have been created focused on strengthening and empowering the skills of our consultants and project managers according to their needs and motivations. As part of this plan, ideal training is offered to ensure the fulfillment and achievement of professional objectives. Career plans define three possible career paths that range from technical expertise to a functional line and business to a management approach.

We know that our strong point and the one that differentiates us are the people who make up Bismart. Diversity, knowledge, professionalism and human quality are keys to continuing to grow as professionals and as a company. That is why we are committed to talent and to the great team we form. Our goal is to keep our staff growing, because if our team grows, Bismart grows too.


Posted by Maria Gorini