Here at Bismart we are finishing a very intense year. In this post we reflect on some of the wonderful things that have happened.

At Bismart we want to wish you happy holidays and express our gratitude for the trust you have placed in us all this time.

Bismart Holiday Greetings

In Bismart we close an intense but awesome year. This 2019 has been a year of celebration in many ways: it has been our tenth anniversary, we have initiated a new content marketing strategy which, very recently, has led to the launch of our new website, we have incorporated very powerful professionals into our team and we have begun to create career plans for our team.

We are very proud of the results that the enormous effort of the entire Bismart team has achieved this year. We have carried out very enriching projects in a wide variety of sectors with which has lead us to keep learning and has, yet again, demonstrated our capabilities and experience. We have redirected and expanded our portfolio of services with the creation of the business and insights division and we have strengthened our new graphic brand, culminating in the creation of the new website:!

For our part, we are very grateful to our entire team for the effort and talent they bring to the project. Without them, the progress and innovation we have achieved this year would definitely have not been possible. This is why, we organized a dinner in which we all could enjoy each other's companie in a more relaxed enviroment and keep strenghtening one of our key values as a company: teamwork.

Because of all of this, we would like to thank you for having accompanied us during all these successes and we wish you a very happy holiday season and a better start to the year 2020. We hope that, at least, it will be as prosperous as the last.


Posted by Maria Gorini