Bismart has received the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization certification, being one of the few companies with this specialization.

Bismart has been awarded the Specialization 'Analytics on Microsoft Azure'. In addition to being a Microsoft Power BI partner and Solution Partner in data analytics and artificial intelligence, Microsoft now also recognises us with its highest level of certification.

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Bismart has achieved the highest level of certification granted by Microsoft, positioning the company as one of the few companies in the world with the advanced specialisation 'Analytics on Microsoft Azure'. The Microsoft Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialisation recognises the company's advanced expertise in planning and implementing analytics services in the cloud, as well as its ability to plan and deliver tailored analytics solutions, following Microsoft and the industry's best practices.

The "Analytics on Microsoft Azure" Specialisation is only given to companies that meet high standards in terms of customer success and employee training. According to Microsoft, the specialisation distinguishes "those companies that provide customers with the services, solutions and methods needed to make the most of their data assets and develop transformative and secure business analytics solutions." These criteria are evaluated by a third-party audit of their analytics solution planning and implementation practices.

Andrew Smith, General Manager of Partner Programme Management at Microsoft, notes, "The Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialisation highlights the most capable partners when it comes to building secure and transformative analytics solutions on Azure." 

As Solution Partners with a specialisation in Data & AI, we secure our leading position among the top data analytics and artificial intelligence companies. Artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge field, and our team is fortunate enough to continue to advance and expand in this area, implementing the latest techniques and methodologies through the many AI projects we are recently participating in.


Bismart: Specialisation in Microsoft Azure Analytics

More and more companies are recognising the importance of effective data analytics strategies and the need to develop a data-driven culture. However, most organisations face challenges when trying to implement them. In this context, Microsoft partners recognised with the Microsoft Azure Analytics Specialisation have a critical role to play in assisting their customers in efficiently integrating scalable analytics platforms into their operations, enabling them to quickly gain valuable insights from a wide variety of data, both from data warehouses and Big Data analytics systems.

The Specialization in Analytics on Microsoft Azure certification validates a company's deep expertise in planning and delivering analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure, as well as it certifies that the company has a team of people who are certified as experts in data engineering and solution architecture in Azure.

According to Microsoft's requirements, companies that achieve the specialisation are those that, with their services and solutions, enable customers to get the most out of their data through the ability to plan and deliver customised analytics solutions using tools such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks.

For Bismart, receiving this certification is a great step forward, as it places us in an advanced position in the international market, being one of the few companies to obtain the specialisation. This recognition provides validation that our way of working is optimal and that our services and solutions are highly efficient and deliver measurable, actionable results that drive business transformation. The new specialisation also gives us the opportunity to build stronger relationships with our customers, demonstrating our ability to help them transform data into better operational, strategic and business results.

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A team of the best specialists in data, analytics and artificial intelligence

At Bismart we prioritise continuous training for our team of experts to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the latest technological skills and abilities. Our commitment to empowering talent enables us to ensure that our services and solutions adapt to the new demands of a constantly evolving market, with a commitment to innovation and development. Our team receives specialised training through the best platforms, including Microsoft, continuously renewing their knowledge, skills and certifications in all areas.

Our priority is to guide other companies in the process of turning their data into knowledge and making the most of technology to drive business development. For this reason, we implement our solutions and projects using the latest technology, thus ensuring advanced technological capabilities in all our services

Based on these approaches, Bismart has the backing of Microsoft as a synonym of collaborating with one of the leading companies in the technology sector internationally. We create customised technological solutions adapted to the specific needs of each company.

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Solution Partners in Data & AI

Bismart is also a Microsoft 'Solution Partner in Data and AI'.

This distinction is awarded to companies whose data and AI solutions meet the requirements stipulated by Microsoft in terms of performance, skills and customer success.

Out of a maximum score of 100 points, Bismart's solutions score 100 out of 100.


Bismart is a Microsoft Power BI Partner

Bismart also stands out as a preferred Power BI partner of Microsoft, working closely on the development of Power BI solutions since our founding in 2009.

With over a decade of Power BI experience, Bismart's Power BI solution development is distinguished by three key elements:

  • Data Quality: Since its inception, Bismart has been committed to data-driven decision making, essential for developing efficient business strategies. The priority of examining and ensuring data quality in all our solutions reflects our commitment to excellence, truthfulness and accuracy.

  • Accessible Data Modelling: In the past, only technicians could handle data models. Today, the ability to create reports is crucial for most business departments that need to deploy a self-service BI strategy. That's why at Bismart we create understandable and practical data models designed to be used by anyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

  • Power BI reports that tell stories: We strive to make our Power BI reports not only visually appealing and understandable, but also dynamic and interactive. We facilitate storytelling and tailor each report to each client's unique corporate image. This approach ensures an effective and engaging reporting experience for everyone. 

Being a Power BI partner offers unique advantages to our customers: such as ongoing mentoring, access to various Microsoft product licenses, resources for implementing business ideas, the possibility to be part of the Microsoft partner directory and unlimited ongoing training and certifications.

The Microsoft partner community has proven to be a success, generating notable benefits for both Microsoft and its partners, with significant profit ratios. The Power BI partnership offers valuable opportunities for businesses, backed by a comprehensive set of benefits detailed on the Microsoft Partners website.

Posted by Núria Emilio