Bismart - Gold Competency Microsoft Partners Once Again

Microsoft has awarded Bismart gold competency in the Microsoft Partnership Network in two categories. The gold competency recognition comes for Bismart's excellence in Cloud Platform and Data Analytics services. These honors come on the back of a fantastic year for Bismart in 2016, as we were also awarded with Best Innovation & Technology Solution at the IoT Solutions World Congress, and as a Finalist for Microsoft Partner of the Year in Data Analytics.

What does Gold Competency mean?

The honor of receiving the Gold Competency means that we are in the top category of all Microsoft Partners across the world.

For our Gold Competency in Cloud Platform, it means we are one of the best worldwide Microsoft Partners in specializing in delivering infrastructure and Saas (Software as a Service) solutions built on Microsoft's cloud platform - Azure. The demand for IaaS and SaaS services has been growing greatly in recent years and Bismart have once again showed that we are worldwide leaders in this innovative technology with the Gold Competency certificates.

For our Gold Competency in Data Analytics, it means we are experts in the field of developing, delivering, and deploying Business Intelligence solutions. The world's leading businesses of the future will be always a step ahead of their competition by how their harness the power of their data.

The Gold Competency certificates also allows Bismart access to internal Microsoft software licenses, technical and presales support, training for your IT professionals, developers, incentives, and marketing through the Partner Marketing Center and Microsoft Referrals.