Ever wondered what all the noise about Big Data meant, and how you can get involved? Here are some of the top reasons you should work in the data industry

Big Data companies are opening up a whole new world of possibilities across the globe. Big Data is the driving force behind machine learning and artificial intelligence that is changing how enterprises do business, with intelligence placed at the forefront of decision making. In an ever more inter-connected world, more and more data than ever is being produced, and harnessing this data and putting it to use can be a sizable task and a powerful tool for any company.

Why work for a Big Data company? Here are some of the top reasons.

1. You'll be on the cusp of a technological revolution

Big Data companies and data analytics is the future. Not just of business, innovation, and enterprise, but of everything. Don't just take our word for it, here's Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Civis Analytics Chief Executive Officer Dan Wagner discussing how data analytics will shape the world of tomorrow. Technology grows exponentially, and in the era of the internet we have been creating massive amounts of data for a long time, that businesses are only just realizing can be put to good use.

Big Data harvesting is the building blocks that driverless cars will be built on, and believe it or not but these are going to be even safer than human driven cars. Big Data companies will spring Smart Cities that work much better for its citizens; engaging much better with the people inhabiting them to make improvements, working towards much more energy efficient places to live, and intelligently managing traffic and mobilty are just three examples of how the cities of tomorrow will work better for all of us.

2. Data engineers are in demand right now

Any company worth their weight in salt are employing data engineers and data scientists. There are too many ways for data to be used for companies to ignore the power of it. Data can reveal new revenue streams for businesses to increase their turnover, by helping companies understand their target customer base. Big Data can help optimize your practices and reduce waste and costs. Even in sports, certain teams are looking to deploy smarter ways of working by using intelligent data - it might even win you an NBA title or let you rub shoulders with the best of the best on an uneven playing surface.

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3. Analytics are now a top strategic priority in organizations

In a Peer Research study done by Intel on Big Data companies and their implementation in business, it was found that an overwhelming majority of respondents agreed that data analytics added significant value to their organization. Big Data solutions can be put to use in so many different ways that whether through security, inter-connectivity with customers, or making the right business decisions, any organization will be able to find a practical use for it.


4. Analytics and statistics are now key in decision making

The cat is out of the bag as far as Big Data and its predictive analytics powers are concerned - data analytics is no longer the secret Ace up only a few certain players' sleeves. It's now not so much the case that data analytics will put you head and shoulders above your competition, rather than the race has progressed so far ahead that data analytics will keep you in the competition. Deep data mining can give solid clues about future events and what best practices should be employed in advance. This is how predictive analytics will ensure that you keep the upper hand in your industry in 2017.


5. Versatility: Data specialists can work in almost any industry

What industry would you like to work in? Making automobiles or home appliances or another example of discrete manufacturing? With insurance or banking companies, or something else in the finance world? Or even counting up the stats and looking at things in fresh perspectives in the sports world? Big Data companies are being working across any industry you can imagine, helping all organizations perform to the best of their abilities.

6. Huge range of opportunities

Once you decide to work for a Big Data company, your opportunities are likely to grow and grow from day one. In the world of Big Data, there are three main types of data analytics areas you could start with: Predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and descriptive analytics. You've got a huge range of job titles to choose from too with different areas to specialise in, including Big Data business consultant, analytics engineer, solution engineer, solution architect, analyst, analytics associate and metrics specialist are just a few of the examples you could go for.

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Posted by Maria Gorini