What Is Azure Databricks and Do Companies Use It For?

No one can deny the growing need to process larger amounts of data in the shortest time possible and the boom of data storage in the cloud. According to experts, Azure Databricks is one of the most complete cloud data analytics platforms on the market. But what is Azure Databricks and what is it for?

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From ETL to ELT or How Big Data Has Transformed ETL Processes

Big Data has transformed the way data is managed and stored, creating new demands for traditional data storage processes. Over time, requirements for higher volume and velocity have transformed ETL processes towards a new perspective: ELT.

Top Big Data Tools For 2021

The quote “data is the new oil” is very popular in today’s business world. The value of the data does not stop growing, but extracting value from this data is not easy, especially when we work with large amounts of data. In this article we present the best Big Data tools for 2021

Why should we care about data quality?

Data quality is a measure of the status of data that is based on several factors: accuracy, consistency, and reliability, among others. Measuring data quality levels can help organizations identify mistakes that need to be resolved and assess whether the data in their computer systems is fit for the purpose for which[...]

The difference between data, information and insights

It is undeniable that data has meant a revolution for the business world. Since companies have realized the value found in their databases, the way they collect and treat it has changed a lot, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Classification Vs. Clustering - A Practical Explanation

Classification and clustering are two methods of pattern identification used in machine learning. Although both techniques have certain similarities, the difference lies in the fact that classification uses predefined classes in which objects are assigned, while clustering identifies similarities between objects,[...]

Big Data is Everywhere: 5 Ways It's Used in Your Everyday Life

Big Data really is ubiquitous these days, and sometimes we might not even realize how much it affects our everyday lives. It is getting harder and harder to function in normal society without the presence of Big Data somehow in your life. Many of the changes are so subtlety convenient we barely notice them. It's no[...]

5 Cool Ways Companies Are Using Big Data

Big Data is all around us. Lots of companies are coming up with amazing ways to take advantage of the data and technology to provide fun, insightful products and services to consumers. While Big Data is useful for a solving plenty of serious problems – think medical breakthroughs, artificial intelligence, [...]

Bismart Featured in One of the Biggest Newspapers in Spain

We are thrilled to share with you the news that Bismart and our solutions have been featured in El Mundo, the second-biggest newspaper in Spain!