What does Bismart do? One of our strengths are Big Data solutions for the collection and intake of data from multiple sources.


Integral vision and integrated to customers and consumers

Customers and consumers interaction information with brands, products and services of companies is increasingly wider and more dispersed in different systems and media: Internal systems of companies, Call Centers, Internet, Social Networks, App's...

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Diversity of systems that does not stop growing —and it will not stop growing soon— and that makes it difficult for companies to have a complete view of their customers and consumers to know who they really are, what they think of their products and services, identify new customer segments, define commercial and marketing strategies, develop a better customer journey... All of these are key to reach these must-have objectives:

  • Retain customers through improving their satisfaction
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase sales figure per client

Strategies and solutions for Customer Experience, Consumer 360, Customer Journey, BluePrint, TouchPoints, Omni-channel or multi-channel, etc., require data governance, data management, data quality and the consolidation of information  from all points of contact of customers and consumers for a better analysis of information and subsequent decision making.

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Bismart helps companies to make these strategies come true by implanting solutions in the following aspects:

  • Data collection from different digital media: Own or third party Internet Services (Collaborators, Sales Channels, Affiliates ..., Social Networks, APP's ... which customers and consumers interact with.
  • Data collection available to the company regarding customers (ERP, CRM, CallCenters ....).
  • Data collection from external sources that enrich the data of customers and consumers.
  • Storage of raw data in Data Lake architectures.
  • Combination and processing of Data Lake data to answer business questions.
  • Structuring of unstructured data (ChatBots, CallCenter., Comments on Social Networks, Satisfaction Surveys ...) to facilitate further analysis.
  • Storage of the most relevant data, once structured, in data warehouse architecture to have a 360º view of our customers and consumers.
  • Business Intelligence solutions that facilitate users to consult and analyze information for decision making.

If you have doubts or need more information about our solutions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you!

Posted by Ismael Vallvé