The Customer Journey is essential to get to know the customer better. Customer centricity is the first step.

Today, many companies are showing great interest in putting the customer at the centre and knowing how they behave, how they express their needs and what those needs are when it comes to buying in order to understand them better and be able to offer them value proposals that stand out from the competition.

Bismart formación customer journey

To achieve this, we use the customer journey, which allows us to analyse the entire journey made by the customer from the moment a need related to our products arises until its purchase, at which point the customer comes into contact with the product. In this way we can understand what the key points of that journey are and we can optimize our actions. You will find the detailed explanation in the following video:

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Putting the customer at the center of business decisions has several benefits, in addition to being the cornerstone of the customer journey process.

If customers are not at the center, it is very difficult for us to understand who they are, what they want and when and how they want it. A strategy based on customer centricity allows us to discover what matters most to our customers, which will serve as a basis for taking actions that differentiate us from our competitors.

Knowing the customer does not mean carrying out sporadic surveys. Companies must gather CRM data along with data from social networks, IoT data, purchase analysis, etc. and, above all, continue to build relationships with customers to understand what they care about and how organizations can react and deliver more value.

"When companies relate to and respond to customer service requests through social networks, those customers end up spending 20% to 40% more money in the company." (Bain & Company). Being able to provide quality support in real time will leave not only satisfied customers, but also brand advocates, which will encourage differentiation.

Posted by Maria Gorini