Bismart is turning 10 in 2019! We are so excited and we can't wait to celebrate with you! Stay tuned to discover all the surprises and activities.

It's easy to know when to celebrate you turning older. Or when it's your anniversary with your partner, or the anniversary of the first moon landing. Even your dog! If you don't know which day it was born, you can always celebrate the day you adopted it. But when we talk about companies... when is their birthday?

Slider Bismart Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence 10 years

At Bismart we can’t seem to find the answer... Maybe we could celebrate the day the founders met to form the company? Or maybe when we started working on our first project? Or better yet when we won our first worldwide Microsoft award? (After a decade of hard work, we're going to show off a little...). We could also celebrate our birthday in commemoration of our first international project, or the day we delivered our first artificial intelligence project, or Big Data project, or analytics project...

Be that as it may, in 2019 we are turning 10 and we want to celebrate it with all of you. We are preparing many surprises, activities and maybe even a little gift.

Proud of who we are

During this decade in Bismart we have achieved great successes, which have led us to incredible achievements. Who could have known when we started that a global giant like Microsoft would choose us as the best Big Data partner in the world? As a technology consultancy firm specializing in Data Management and Analytics solutions and services, we are immensely proud of this. However, we have also learned from the mistakes we have made along the way which have helped us to improve and offer a better service.

Bismart Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence 10 anniversary

"For me, Bismart is a life project come true, a passion, pride. These past 10 years we have changed our lives, we have built an exciting project, we have gone from restless entrepreneurs to managing a large company with a great projection, we have overcome adversities and we have grown as people and as professionals. The most thrilling has been -and still is- to see great people join us who believe in the project, who make it their own and fight for it every day with great vocation to offer our clients the most innovative solutions. They are the basis for this exciting new stage. We want to continue to find new challenges, constantly change for the better, grow and help our customers to have the best business solutions with the best technological base."

Joan Bosch, COO & Partner

A future by your side

On our birthday we wish for another 10 years (and, if possible, many more) accompanying you in making the most of your data by developing business solutions based on technology. Not only that, we will also bring great novelties and work with the latest technologies to always offer you the best. In short, at Bismart we are convinced that we have a great future ahead of us and looking at our last decade, there is no doubt that we will work to keep everything going so well.

Posted by Maria Gorini