Bismart is one of the few companies in Spain that is Power BI partner of Microsoft. We explain what benefits companies have when being Microsoft partners.

Bismart has been one of Microsoft's preferred Power BI partners for years, and in fact, one of the few in the country. This recognition positions us as a reference when it comes to creating the best solutions for our customers through this powerful tool. Do you want to know in what ways being a Microsoft Power BI partner can benefit you? Keep reading!

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Bismart has been working with Power BI for years. We use it to carry out data analysis, dashboards, reports and data visualizations. In fact, our union with Microsoft starts from the same moment Bismart was born, in 2009. Two years later, we had the honor of receiving the Microsoft Best Spain Partner award and, in 2013, we managed to position ourselves as the best Microsoft partner of the world in Business Intelligence. Recently, Bismart has managed to become a Microsoft Gold Partner in Spain.

Last year was the 10th anniversary of our birth and, therefore, it also meant that we had been being Microsoft partners for 10 years. This motivates us to continue working in this direction, because being part of the Microsoft partner network gives us significant competitive advantages.

What does being a Microsoft partner mean?

Microsoft founded its partner network in 1992 as an initiative to promote development, innovation and cooperative work among companies in the technology sector. Today, it includes more than 640,000 businesses around the world and more than 100 in Spain. Therefore, being one of the few Power BI partner companies in the country is remarkable. Moreover, being part of the community implies the optimization of companies' technical capacities, since Microsoft offers its partners the best tools for data analysis and integration, technological innovation and business intelligence. Thus, Microsoft partner organizations have the best technical resources to enrich and optimize the solutions and experiences we provide to our customers.

In the Power BI area, Microsoft recognises us as a reference in when it comes to implement business intelligence, data analysis, data management and data governance strategies.


What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business oriented data analysis, data treatment and data visualization tool, which allows companies to develop a culture based on business intelligence applicable to all sectors and work areas of an organization, as well as to take data-driven decisions. That is, to base business decisions on quality data and not on assumptions or hypotheses.

Power BI allows you to transform data into attractive and easy-to-interpret visuals in a single view, whether in a local environment or in the cloud. It also includes customizable dashboards and enables the creation of dynamic, interactive reports that can be shared across any platform or application. In addition, it has an integrated data security and governance system that protects information. 


What we do with Power BI

Bismart has a team of experts in Power BI and we always put our trust on this tool when creating our solutions. Our solutions are different from those made by other companies because of 3 key elements:

  • Data quality: Since its foundation, Bismart has been committed to achieve data-driven decisions. That is to say, to promote decision making based on data. Without data quality, making the right decisions and developing efficient business strategies is simply impossible. That is why examining the quality of data is one of our priorities and we strive to ensure the quality of data in all the solutions we work on.
  • Easy to interpret data model: Long gone are those days when only technicians were able to work with data models. Today, pretty much every department in a company needs to be able to create reports, and therefore, it is essential that data models are understandable, practical and easy to use. At Bismart we create data models that can be understood and worked on by any person, expert or not.
  • Visual and interactive information: We put a great effort so that the presentation of our reports is always visually attractive, intelligible and easy to understand. Likewise, our reports are dynamic and interactive and encourage storytelling. In addition, we adapt them so that they match the corporate image of every client.
Power BI updates

This app is constantly getting renewed and including improvements and new possibilities. At Bismart, we always try to keep an eye on every new Power BI update and we inform you every time that happens. You can check the new Power BI updates in our blog, or learn about the latest Power BI update for Teams.

In short, being a Microsoft Power BI partner means many advantages and the tool allows us to create the right visualizations, reports and graphics for each type of customer. If you have any doubt about Power BI, do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted by Núria Emilio