Microsoft has announced the release of a Power BI app for Teams. We explain this and other updates in this post.

This October, Microsoft has announced the arrival of the Power BI app for Teams. The inclusion of Power BI in the chat application is not the only update, although it may be the most interesting. This new application will allow you to visualize and work with Power BI without leaving the chat app.

Microsoft launches a new Power BI app for Teams

The new Power BI application allows users to quickly discover, search and manage data fast and without having to leave Teams. This central, personalized location for data in Teams will ensure that insights are always just one click away from where conversations take place and decisions are made. Now you can view reports, dashboards, visuals and applications directly from the app's Home.

In addition, Microsoft has also announced other updates related to Power BI in Teams:

New search options to find and open Power BI content

With the new Teams search experience you can quickly find recent reports, dashboards and applications and open them within the Power BI for Teams app.

New chat experiences to quickly find and share Power BI content

Now links to Power BI reports, dashboards, applications and workspaces are easier to send and without leaving the app.

Changes in Dataset Discovery to help find data to create Excel reports and workbooks

This new option helps users discover available datasets from across the organization directly from the Power BI application in Teams. Power BI datasets are secured and governed, with permission-based access, have line-level security and the ability to certify, and full support for Microsoft Information Protection.

From there, users can quickly generate a Power BI report or choose to analyze and explore the data in Excel.

Some of these options will be available with the new update, but others will become a reality soon. All of them will be added to the previously launched tools, which are:

  • Start a Teams chat when viewing reports and dashboards
  • Adding a BI tab to your group chats


Posted by Maria Gorini