What Types of Deep Learning Are There and What Are They For?

Deep learning remains one of the most rapidly expanding branches of artificial intelligence. Since the emergence of AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, deep learning and its different techniques have gained a lot of attention. We explore what types of deep learning exist and what they are used for.

What Is Generative AI and How Can We Use It Responsibly?

The emergence of generative artificial intelligence has opened up a new world of possibilities linked to its exploitation and use cases. However, it also paints a scenario of uncertainty about its future capabilities, associated risks and possible limitations of its use.

6 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Hotel

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the business world. However, not all sectors are taking advantage of its capabilities equally. The hotel sector in particular is one of the most likely to benefit from the application of artificial intelligence. In this article we explore 6 ways in which hotel chains can[...]

GPT-4: What It Is, How It Works and Differences With Chat-GPT

Finally, GPT 4 or Chat GPT-4 has been released. Since its official launch, the new artificial intelligence technology has generated a lot of buzz about its new features and differences to Chat GPT-3.5. We review the new capabilities of Chat GPT-4 and explain how to use it.

Azure OpenAI Service: Responsible and Secure Artificial Intelligence

At a time when ChatGPT is revolutionising the market, Microsoft launches Azure OpenAI Service, an artificial intelligence service that incorporates the best advanced AI algorithms on the market. Discover the capabilities, models and benefits of Azure OpenAI Service.

The Top 12 New Solutions Presented in Microsoft Ignite 2022

Microsoft Ignite is one of the most important TI events. This year, the event focused on the flexibility of the cloud environment, artificial intelligence, security and new work environments. Don't miss the top 12 new solutions presented in Microsoft Ignite 2022!

Types of Predictive Analytics: Classification vs. Regression

Companies need predictive analytics models to anticipate future situations, adapt their suply to new market needs and optimize their strategies for the future. There are two types of predictive analytics: classification models and regression models.

Types of Machine Learning and What Are They Used For

Bots that seem to speak your language, cars that work without anyone behind the wheel, recommendation systems that are able to predict what you are looking for or voice assistants that understand everything you say. All of these things that seemed so far off in the future, are now possible thanks to machine learning,[...]

5 Artificial Intelligence Examples in 5 Business Sectors

How do companies apply artificial intelligence? As an abstract technology with a large number of possible applications, it is sometimes difficult to understand the scope of artificial intelligence. In this article we explore 5 different examples of how artificial intelligence can be applied in different industries

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence is positioning itself as a technology increasingly used by businesses around the world, but what is the role of artificial intelligence in business? We discuss the business benefits of artificial intelligence and review the 5 most important uses of artificial intelligence in business.