Azure OpenAI Service: Responsible and Secure Artificial Intelligence

At a time when ChatGPT is revolutionising the market, Microsoft launches Azure OpenAI Service, an artificial intelligence service that incorporates the best advanced AI algorithms on the market. Discover the capabilities, models and benefits of Azure OpenAI Service.

Types of Predictive Analytics: Classification vs. Regression

Companies need predictive analytics models to anticipate future situations, adapt their suply to new market needs and optimize their strategies for the future. There are two types of predictive analytics: classification models and regression models.

5 Artificial Intelligence Examples in 5 Business Sectors

How do companies apply artificial intelligence? As an abstract technology with a large number of possible applications, it is sometimes difficult to understand the scope of artificial intelligence. In this article we explore 5 different examples of how artificial intelligence can be applied in different industries

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence is positioning itself as a technology increasingly used by businesses around the world, but what is the role of artificial intelligence in business? We discuss the business benefits of artificial intelligence and review the 5 most important uses of artificial intelligence in business.

Metaverse: What Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Favourite Virtual World?

It was 1992 when Neal Stephenson first used the word. Thirty years later, the metaverse promises to become a reality. But what is the metaverse and why are all the big tech companies obsessed with it?

Top 8 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Projects in 2021

Beyond their contribution to business, every year there are many projects based on artificial intelligence that contribute to making the world a better place. We take a look at the 8 most important artificial intelligence projects of 2021.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Test Automation

More and more companies are taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform test automation tasks. Automating the testing process and quality testing means significant savings in time and money. However, there are certain issues to consider when applying machine learning and AI for test[...]

5 Trends That Will Shape the Future of Work After COVID-19

Covid-19 has triggered major changes in how we work. The emergence of a new modality teleworking is probably the most notable transformation. However, the pandemic has led to other permutations that will further alter the status quo of the labour market in the future.

Top 5 Machine Learning Tools In Business

As machine learning becomes more popular and its use becomes more widespread, software vendors are expanding their offerings of machine learning platforms and tools with more advanced and easier-to-use capabilities. 

The 7 Most Used Deep Learning Tools in Business

Deep learning is increasingly making its way into the business world. Some even claim it has overtaken machine learning, but what is it being used for? We explore the use of deep learning in business and name 7 of the most used deep learning tools and softwares by companies.