Snowflake: 11 Big Advantages for Businesses

In a world where data management and information exchange are at the epicentre of business value generation, Snowflake provides a driver for harnessing data and transforming it into business intelligence. In this article, we explore the reasons that have made Snowflake the most trending cloud platform in the business[...]

Snowflake: The Cloud Data Management Revolution

Over the past few years, the Snowflake cloud platform has revolutionised the enterprise world. Built on the robust infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Snowflake offers a unique capability: it separates data storage from compute, allowing it to scale independently. This capability makes it[...]

Data Analysis 6 Steps: A Complete Guide Into Data Analysis Methodology

Despite being a science very much linked to technology, data analysis is still a science. Like any science, a data analysis process involves a rigorous and sequential procedure based on a series of steps that cannot be ignored. Discover the essential steps of a data analysis process through examples and a[...]

4 Steps a Company Should Follow to Create a Data Strategy

Today, the success of a business partly depends on being supported by a modern, integrated and efficient data analytics strategy. While most companies have already realized the value of data and analytics, building a data strategy and leveraging its real value can be daunting. We explain the 4 key steps to building a[...]

What Do We Do With Data? - Data Processing

Nowadays no one questions the value of data, which has become an essential asset for companies. However, the value of data is neither incidental nor contingent. Data in its original format is like an unpolished diamond. Unlocking its value involves processing it, treating it and transforming it. In short, a long[...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Data Analytics With Power BI

What advantages does Power BI have over other data analysis and business intelligence tools? Here are 6 reasons why you will achieve more advanced data analytics with Power BI!

The 9 Best Data Analytics Tools for Companies

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How to Improve Your Hotel Occupancy With Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics and machine learning have great potential in helping companies optimise their operations, strategies and resources. When it comes to hotel chains, these technologies can help us predict occupancy, improve the customer experience and increase potential customer acquisition, among many other things.[...]

What Is an Analytical Dashboard?

Dashboards differ in form and content depending on the business need they are intended to address, their target audience and their purpose. Thus, dashboards can be classified according to their by their function. On this occasion, we talk about the analytical dashboard.

What Do We Do? - Recruitment

The labour market is more and more oriented towards digital profiles, especially in terms of data handling, processing and analysis, as well as the development of technological solutions. However, technological and IT profiles are amongst the most challenging to find and select due to the high level of technical[...]