Introducing Kale! Bismart's new brand is born with the will to take advantage of data to meet companies' marketing and sales needs.

Bismart has launched a new brand! Kale is Bismart's new business unit which, from now on, will focus on projects related to data applied to sales, marketing and customer behavior. This initiative arises from the need to create a meeting point between data analysis, market research and marketing/sales departments.


Bismart's team is excited to announce the launch of a new brand: Kale. Like Bismart, Kale uses the power of data to develop transformative actions, but in this case specifically dedicated to marketing and sales professionals and customer-related activities.

Borja Martín, Kale's CEO, explains: "Kale was born with the clear purpose of helping marketing and/or sales-focused companies to put the customer at the center and to use data, BI and market research to know their customers better."


Kale's slogan We accelerate business and drive brands through data— says it all. Indeed, Kale emerges because of a market need. A research conducted by Adobe confirms that 9 out of 10 marketers say that data is their least used asset. Something similar happens with sales professionals and even with the commercial department. While data is part of the regular work routine in some sectors of activity, many others remain untapped. 

As Jaume Santacana, CEO of Bismart, points out: "The relevance of data and technology in the business world has not been in doubt for a long time now. However, certain business units are still not taking full advantage of the potential of data and data-driven decisions. Likewise, business is irrepressibly moving towards increasingly customer-centric strategies and, in this context, exhaustive knowledge about customers and transformational actions based on them are the key to progress". Thus, Kale is born with the will to unite data analysis and business intelligence with market research and commercial, marketing and customer knowledge strategies. 

One of Kale's strenghts is its multidisciplinary methodology and team, which specialize in data analysis and data-driven decisions, as well as in customer acquisition and retention strategies, improving customer experiences and touch points and optimizing marketing and communication strategies. All this through a deep knowledge of the market, the new requirements and behavioral trends of an increasingly omnichannel and omniexperience customer and the growing demands of digitization, transformation and business innovation.

Kale has a multi-purpose service offer. 'Customer Intelligence & Analytics' includes any solution related to the customers' knowledge and the analysis of their behavior for its subsequent placement at the center of business strategies, which, at the same time, facilitates the improvement of value and commercial proposals. Kale also specializes in market research providing knowledge to businesses on market trends and competition and offering actionable solutions through the design of operational plans, the definition of key indicators or the identification of business opportunities. 

Another Kale's crucial areas of action is the optimization of customer experience through analytical models and the transformation of businesses into data-driven through the exploration of the company's position with respect to customer data-driven processes and the identification of development paths, for example.

Discover Kale's entire offer on Kale's website:

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From the Bismart and Kale's team, we hope that this new project excites you as much as it does us. Ultimately, Kale was created to support brands and businesses in their growth and digital transformation journey.

"Because it no longer makes sense to only think about what's ours." 

Posted by Núria Emilio