The customer experience can be defined as the memory that the customer has of us once he has completed his purchase. If the memory is good, the customer will choose us again and the journey will never end.

Improve the Customer Experience Following This 10 Steps

If you still don't have a defined plan to improve the customer experience offered by your company, you are already late. Nowadays, having a well-defined and actionable strategy to improve the customer experience is essential for any company. Stop waiting! It's time to improve your customer experience

Improve the Customer Experience in 10 steps

In this blog we have already discussed the importance of the customer experience for today's businesses. In a market where competition is increasing and customers are becoming more demanding, designing a strategy to improve the customer experience becomes paramount

Over the years, consumers have been evolving towards new demands and consumption habits that are less and less linked to material aspects, in favor those intangible aspects involved in any customer-company relationship

Among these, the customer experience is undoubtedly the most important factor and the one that most influences consumer satisfaction throughout their customer journey.

Companies that are not yet working on the customer experience across all channels and touch points are already falling behind. Market leaders are investing in new technologies and specific tools that allow them to optimize their customer experience, making it part of their value proposition and an asset for differentiation from the competition. 

However, for those companies less advanced in terms of CX, improving the customer experience starts with thinking about the customer. The customer experience goes beyond technology and data. While technologies such as artificial intelligence can help us improve the customer experience, the most important step in building a good customer experience is to know the customer, understand them and treat them as a person.

In this sense, today, all customer experiences should be customer-centric. That is, putting the customer at the center of all business decisions and at the center of the strategy for designing and building their experience. 

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How to improve the customer experience?

En Kale estamos especializados en la construcción y curación de experiencias de cliente partiendo desde una perspeciva customer-centric. Nuestra experiencia ayudando a numerosas empresas a mejorar su customer experience nos ha permitido identificar los 10 pasos esenciales para mejorar la CX y queremos compartirlos contigo.

At Kale we specialize in building and curating customer experiences from a customer-centric perspective. Our journey helping numerous companies to improve their customer experience has allowed us to identify the 10 essential steps companies should follow to improve their CX. Guess what? We want to share them with you.

1. It all starts with knowing the customer

Without a doubt, knowing our customers is an essential step in building experiences that are best suited to their needs. If we do not understand our customers, it will be impossible for us to design experiences they find comfortable, satisfying and enriching. 

In order to know our customers, the collection of customer data is essential, as well as its subsequent transformation into valuable information and customer insights

However, when data is not enough, other methodologies such as market research can be very helpful to obtain knowledge.

2. Customer segmentation

Once we have the knowledge we need about who our customers are, it is time for customer segmentation

Classifying consumers into groups according to their differences and similarities will allow us to better meet their particular needs and adapt our strategies and actions to their preferences. 

Segmentation is also the basis for personalization. 

3. Humanize segments by creating Buyer Personas

If we want to build a truly enriching and unforgettable experience that eliminates friction points for each type of customer, we must humanize our customer segments as much as possible.

To do so, the Buyer Persona method is what we need. Creating Buyer Personas is a type of customer segmentation that will take your knowledge base to the next level.

4. Personalization is everything

Not by chance, creating personalized customer experiences is one of the most popular trends among the leading brands.

Today, personalization is essential, both for brands and customers.

Personalization allows companies to get closer to their customers and makes customers feel listened to and treated as individuals. 

5. Measure to improve

Obviously, it is impossible to improve something if we don't know what our starting point is. Are you aware of the level of satisfaction your customers have in relation to the experience you are offering them? If not, you are probably not quantifying your customer experience. 

At Kale we always recommend measuring the customer experience to identify areas for improvement

6. Map to identify

If we measure the level of satisfaction of our customers in relation to their experience and map their customer journey, we will be able to pinpoint what bothers them or, in other words, their pain points. 

Most importantly, we will know exactly where each pain point is in their customer journey, which will make it easier for us to correct it. 

7. Get rid of pain points

Identifying pain points and correcting them is the first action we must take to improve our CX

Often the best way is not to make large technological investments or create innovative experiences, but simply to correct the mistakes that are bothering our clients and hindering their journey.

8. Identify opportunities

In addition to helping us identify pain points, measuring the customer experience and mapping the customer journey will also allow us to put a name to what we are doing right and what it is that is making our customers happy

Sometimes we focus so much on what we are doing wrong that we don't realize that what we are doing right is just as important. Knowing what works for us is essential to generate new opportunities and keep moving forward. 

9. From knowledge to action

Once we have gained the knowledge we need to understand what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong and what we can improve, we simply have to do it.

It is important to draw up a concrete and organized action plan to address the priority areas for improvement first, assess customer feedback and go from there. 

10. Monetizing results

Another very interesting resource for companies is to analyze how much revenue their customer experience is generating. In other words, measuring the customer experience in terms of revenue, sales, etc. 

This financial perspective will help us to prioritize actions and decide which strategies are really working. 



In this article we have briefly explained what, in our experience, are the 10 essential steps to improve the customer experience. However, you will find a more in-depth explanation of each step, information on the latest CX trends and specific tips in the e-book "Customer Experience: Improve the customer experience to get happier customers".

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