Albert Isern, Bismart CEO, speaker at the Smart Living Marbella 2015

Last week Albert Isern, CEO of Bismart, attended another year as a speaker to the VI International Congress ‘Marbella Smart Living where he participated in the roundtable on "Innovations applied to Tourism" with Enrique Lancis, director of Business Development and New Technologies Segittur, José Luque García, CEO at Fuerte Hoteles Group, Antonio Morales, director TechTur Smart Destination, Ricardo Arranz, president of Villa Padierna Hotels and José Luis Hernández, Councillor for Tourism City of Marbella.

Participants took the concept of city intelligent applied to tourist destinations to discussion, where technology is at the service of administrations, citizens and entrepreneurs as well as at the hotel industry. Everyone agrees that technology offers opportunities for the sector and helps them sell more to their customers using new tools that offered them not only a smart city applications but also new technologies.

Albert Isern en Smart Living Marbella 2015

José Luque led the discussion towards the personalisation of services for tourists, which paved the way for the introduction of our mobile application Smart Destination. Albert emphasised the importance of listening and analysing the information generated in cities to meet the needs of citizens and tourists. Opted for active listening of social networks to take the pulse of the real "customers" of a city, its citizens, businessmen and tourists, to meet their needs and expectations with the destination. For Albert, the use of big data is what makes a smart destination, and showed it during the presentation of our new application that aroused the interest of his tablemates and assistants.

Antonio Morales, director TechTur Smart Destination and Director Global Concept, linked the intervention of Albert with his presentation on communication in an intelligent city and insisted that today what should exist is an integrated, two-way where we can offer the tourist a quick, efficient and personalisedchannel.

All speakers at the table agreed that an intelligent tourist destination is one destination that is sustainable, accessible and innovative. And as José Luis Hernández, Councillor for Tourism Marbella Town Hall, "New technologies help to access information on the destination and knowledge of the needs of our visitors" he said.

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Posted by Maria Gorini