6 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Hotel

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the business world. However, not all sectors are taking advantage of its capabilities equally. The hotel sector in particular is one of the most likely to benefit from the application of artificial intelligence. In this article we explore 6 ways in which hotel chains can[...]

Hotel Industry and Technology: Needs and Areas for Investment

What technologies do hotel chains need to invest in by 2023? We discuss the current role of data analytics, artificial intelligence and data integration in the hotel industry.

10 Insights About the Spanish Hotel Sector in 2023

After overcoming one of the sector's worst periods, Spanish hotel chains are currently in full recovery, even exceeding the 2019 numbers in certain indicators. This has now been confirmed by the new report on the Spanish hotel sector in 2023, which we explore through 10 insights.

4 Technologies to Invest in to Improve the Occupancy of Your Hotel

Hotel chains are recovering from one of the sector's worst periods. The social and market context has highlighted the urgent need for hotel chains to invest in technology and start developing a data-driven culture to improve their occupancy rates.

The 8 Major Hotel Management Challenges 2022 - 2025

Where does the hotel industry stand in 2022? What new trends will shape the hotel business? What are the main challenges facing hotel management today and in the coming years? What must companies in the sector do to adapt to change? This article provides an answer to these and other questions. 

How to Improve Your Hotel Occupancy With Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics and machine learning have great potential in helping companies optimise their operations, strategies and resources. When it comes to hotel chains, these technologies can help us predict occupancy, improve the customer experience and increase potential customer acquisition, among many other things.[...]

Hotel Revenue Management: how to maximize its power

In the hotel sector, high occupancy does not necessarily mean profitability. We must increase sales while raising average prices. To be truly competitive today, any hotel chain is forced to apply advanced revenue management techniques and strategies if it wants to see its business and bottom line grow in a sustained[...]

Webinar Summary: Hotel Management Dashboards

On July 2, we held the fourth webinar of our series that presents the solutions we have recently developed. On this occasion, the webinar focused on the Hotel Management Dashboards solution, a tool that offers a single environment to consult the indicators and results of all the hotels and their different functional[...]

How To Find The Perfect PMS For Your Hotel

The task of choosing a PMS for a hotel chain or hotel is complex due to the number of factors involved. When choosing, there are always many questions that are not easy to answer: