What Is an Insight? Business Insights and Insight Marketing

The term 'insight' has become very popular in the business environment and especially in marketing, advertising and business intelligence. However, there is still some confusion about what an insight is, what it is used for and how companies use it.

How to Transform Your Company’s Data Into Insights?

The generation of insights is essential for companies to make informed decisions. Today, making better business decisions depends on transforming data into business insights

Cross-selling and Up-selling: How Can They Boost Your Income?

Cross-selling and up-selling are two types of business intelligence strategies that are becoming increasingly popular among companies. Their growing popularity is due to their proven efficiency in increasing companies' profitability and the average value of the purchase ticket. In fact, these are their aims, but[...]

The difference between data, information and insights

It is undeniable that data has meant a revolution for the business world. Since companies have realized the value found in their databases, the way they collect and treat it has changed a lot, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Bismart Training: Customer Journey - Transform Data Into Insights

All decisions that need to be made, both in terms of the customer journey and business processes in general, will be based on data. Data will also be the fuel that feeds the entire customer journey process.

7 Key Elements on Insights, Technology, and Marketing Data Strategies

It is undeniable that the playing field in the environment of marketing and marketing data is under review and professionals in the area are challenged to redefine their roles, their activities, and their agenda to be influential in their companies.