Borja offers a new training on customer journey and explains how data can be transformed into insights. He also discusses some of the best analysis tools.

All decisions that need to be made, both in terms of the customer journey and business processes in general, will be based on data. Data will also be the fuel that feeds the entire customer journey process.


However, it is not necessary for our company to have a state-of-the-art data analytics infrastructure. By leveraging data in a more traditional way, we can get a snapshot of the results of our processes. This data is present in all organisations, even those without such infrastructures, as it is generated at many points in business processes. Even so, nowadays it is possible to obtain forecasts and future analyses that make it possible to base decision-making on facts contrasted with the most advanced systems and with all the data in the same repository. This is where consultancy firms can work to offer an integration of these systems, so that data can be converted into insights or valuable information.

These insights can take many forms. They can give us a snapshot of the state of our processes, i.e. they show us what is happening. However, dashboards can also be built that also explain why it is happening. Now, the trend is to take all these insights a step further and make them prescriptive, which allows predictive analyses to be made and, ultimately, making decisions based on them.

If we focus on how to get the relevant data for these analyses, we return to the initial premise of this training: putting the customer at the centre. We can actively listen to their opinions and suggestions online or ask them directly.

In this video, Borja Martín, Kale's director, explains these processes in more detail and shows some of the tools that can be used to listen to and question the customer:


Posted by Maria Gorini