Azure Migrate: The hub for cloud migration

In this video, you'll learn about Azure Migrate, Microsoft Azure's central hub for datacenter cloud migration. Azure Migrate helps you discover, assess, and migrate workloads to Azure with integrated first and third-party tools.

What Is a Data Warehouse? Differences vs. Data Lake and Architecture

The concepts of data warehouse and data lake are often confused. However, these two types of data storage are much more different than they may seem at first glance. In fact, the only thing they have in common is that they contain large amounts of data.

What is the difference between ETL and SSIS?

Nowadays there are many well-known data processing processes, tools and platforms. Even so, from time to time it is important to remember the basics: let's talk about ETL and SSIS.

New Power BI experiences for Teams

This October, Microsoft has announced the arrival of the Power BI app for Teams. The inclusion of Power BI in the chat application is not the only update, although it may be the most interesting. This new application will allow you to visualize and work with Power BI without leaving the chat app.

Webinar summary: Customer Segmentation

Last Wednesday, October 21, our Head of Data Strategy & Insights Borja Martín held the Customer Segmentation webinar during which he explained the concept and showed a practical example of its use through the Bismart Customer Segmentation tool.

Automation and Integration: Key Methods To Optimize Processes

As a business grows, it is important to evaluate its processes to confirm that they are generating the expected results. Many companies still use outdated ways of working, wasting a lot of time and resources. Just because a task has always been done in a certain way, it does not mean that it cannot be changed to a[...]

Bismart and 7Experts Reach Strategic Partnership Agreement

Through this agreement, Bismart offers 7Experts its technological capabilities and experience in Data Management and Advance Data Analytics to improve its value proposition.

New updates for Power Platform

In this blog and in the world of data analysis we are constantly talking about Power BI, PowerApps and other tools, but do you know Power Platform?

The difference between data, information and insights

It is undeniable that data has meant a revolution for the business world. Since companies have realized the value found in their databases, the way they collect and treat it has changed a lot, both in terms of quantity and quality.


Webinar Summary: Bismart Client ABC

On 28 May, Victor Rocabert, CCO of Bismart, offered a training session during which he explained how to carry out an in-depth analysis of the customer portfolio, as well as the value of this analysis. If you missed it or want to watch it again the full video is available here (in Spanish):