Bismart Webinar: Indicators and Dimensions in a Self-service BI Environment

Last Thursday, May 21, our CCO, Victor Rocabert, made a webinar in which he offered a training on indicators and dimensions to work in self-service BI.You can see the recording of the session in this video (audio in Spanish):

Webinar Summary: Customer Journey

On July 16, our Head of Data Strategy & Insights, Borja Martín, conducted the webinar "Customer Journey" during which he explained how to put the customer at the center and how to identify the points that can bring greater value to the customer in order to generate more business and have a recurring customer with[...]

Webinar Summary: Hotel Management Dashboards

On July 2, we held the fourth webinar of our series that presents the solutions we have recently developed. On this occasion, the webinar focused on the Hotel Management Dashboards solution, a tool that offers a single environment to consult the indicators and results of all the hotels and their different[...]

Webinar Summary: Folksonomy Text Analytics

On June 3, our Director of Innovation, Ismael Vallvé, with the collaboration of Dr. Laia Sans from the Nephrology Department of the Hospital del Mar, offered the webinar Folksonomy Text Analytics. During the training, Ismael introduced the concept of folksonomy and the Bismart Folksonomy tool and Dr. Laia explained

9 Best Data Analysis Tools for Perfect Data Management

The importance of data analytics has continued to rise in recent years leading to an important worldwide market opening. So, data analytics tools have also taken a center stage and there are now such a number of them that it becomes hard for you to choose one that you need. While there are many factors you have to[...]

Bismart improves the design of its Power BI solutions with Zebra BI

At Bismart we develop business solutions with a strong technological base. Much of our work is to facilitate the understanding of the data stored in companies so that they can make decisions based on them, as well as make predictions for the future. We have been developing these solutions with Power BI since the[...]


Bismart Training: Customer Journey

Today, many companies are showing great interest in putting the customer at the centre and knowing how they behave, how they express their needs and what those needs are when it comes to buying in order to understand them better and be able to offer them value proposals that stand out from the competition.

What Is Data Consolidation and Why Is It Important?

Today, many companies are looking for ways to increase their competitiveness, their efficiency and effectiveness and their adaptability to unexpected changes. Those that are able to visualize data from all their departments in a comprehensive way are better prepared than others to make predictions, detect errors[...]

Optimizing Data Onboarding With Data Wrangling in Azure

Data onboarding is a process by which offline data, such as names, email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers, are transferred to an online environment to be processed with business intelligence. It is used to relate customers offline with online users by relating the information obtained in both ways.[...]

What's New in Power BI - February 2020 Update

The month of February has been full of new developments in Power BI. The platform has shared the latest updates, chosen from the comments of Power BI users in the community. Specifically, they have made two modifications that had been in high demand: the new ribbon and new DAX functions.