Bismart’s and Libelium’s smart system analyzes the environmental triggers of lung disease in Brussels

Bismart and Libelium have worked on a project to analyze the environmental triggers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) decompensation in order to be able to size the hospital emergency and hospital admission services as soon as possible before these possible environmental triggers appear.

Both companies have worked on a system based on Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform to control temperature, humidity, wind, fog, rain, SO2 and NO2 levels. It has been installed at Microsoft’s Executive Briefing Center in Brussels.

microsofts-executive-briefing-center-in-brusselsThe installation consists of 3 different models of Libelium’s IoT platform which can measure the different parameters above-mentioned with the Smart Cities platform, Smart Agriculture solution and Smart Environment PRO application for air quality control.

Data collected by the sensors is analyzed on the Bismart platform where environmental triggers at monthly level are correlated with the monthly admissions in a small number of hospitals in Brussels.

waspmote-plug-sense-smart-cities-platformThe report shows the monthly behavior of different environmental variables in the city:

  • Snow days
  • Rain days and total precipitation
  • Hours of daylight
  • Relative humidity
  • Average temperature

With Azure Machine Learning, which correlates the information of discharges with the environmental variables, certain thresholds that can lead to an increase of the admissions by COPD can be determined such as temperature below 10º or relative humidity greater than 78%. At the same time, there is a correlation between admissions information and environmental variables at monthly level.

At this time, there are several next steps under development. One of them is the acquisition of the environmental variables in real time thanks to the information provided by sensors. Another is the analysis of these variables in real time to have an Operational Control Panel to help us determine possible admissions for COPD in hospitals with the aim of improving patient care.


If you want to join our IoT Ecosystem or want more information about it, contact us or the Libelium Sales Department.