Cities all over the world are using technology to become connected smart cities. Here's how Big Data helps - and how cities can use it properly to thrive.

Cities all over the world are using technology to transform the way people live. They’re becoming connected smart cities, not just regular cities. That means cities where technology is used to solve urban living issues, which could be anything from smart streetlights that automatically turn off when the street is empty to intelligent systems to improve transportation networks.

Cities that take advantage of new technologies can do amazing things. The potential is huge. Now the question is - what can cities do to become connected smart cities?

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Bismart CEO Albert Isern recently spoke at the Selangor Smart Cities & Future Commerce Convention 2017 in Malaysia on the “Big Data and Smart Cities” panel.

One key point that Isern highlighted is that, “The power of data helps cities complete the transformation process and become smart cities.”

By harnessing the power of the Big Data cities have their disposal, they can make real progress. But it’s not as simple as just looking at the data; cities must take a thoughtful approach to make sure they use the best-quality data possible.

Isern explained, “We need a big database that’s completed correctly, and, if it’s possible, automatically. We also have to try to ensure the quality of the data, such as homogenizing and georeferencing the data to be able to identify households, families, and relatives.”

He added, “We also need to improve the interoperability between information systems and third parties, such as contractors that provide municipal services like trash collection, street cleaning, and so on.”

Another issue that cities and local administrations must face when using Big Data is privacy. They often deal with information that is highly personal. Isern said, “We need to safeguard individuals’ privacy, and to do this, anonymizing data is very important.”

Privacy is more important than ever with the new EU GDPR privacy regulations. Learn more about them and what they mean for your data.


Big Data is an extremely powerful tool to help cities transform into connected smart cities. If it’s used correctly, it can help improve lives for people all over the world.

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Posted by Maria Gorini