Learn how using Machine Learning Bismart experts can predict crime, detect fraud or even detect cyber terrorism attacks.

Predicting crime, detecting fraud and identifying new business opportunities are just a few Machine Learning solutions presented by Bismart

The event The Power of Machine Learning organized by Bismart in Barcelona (May 27th) and in Madrid (May 28th) has showed the potential of Machine Learning, Big Data, Stream Analytics and Power BI tools to more than 100 leading public and private organizations in the country.

Bismart experts showed real cases of crime prediction using state-of-the-art technologies. The Big Data experts of Bismart, can predict in the city of Chicago (IL, USA). By usingpredictive analysis, our Bismart Big Data experts can predict in which district a crime is more likely to occur.

machine-learning-big-data-azure-stream-analytics-power-biAzure Machine Learning (Azure ML), it is a Microsoft predictive analytics tool in the cloud that can find patterns in the data that help to predict. It consists in processing historical data about crime (type, day, time, district,...), along with a set of other variables correlated such as the lunar phases, the weather, the light intensity by district, social-demographic and social-economic data, unemployment rate, events agenda, among others. To achieve the results, the experts create and design a model which is trained in a virtual machine. They apply the algorithms which automatically learn from their own errors or new coming trends. At the same time, the machine can be fed with data in real time using Stream Analytics. Finally, it gives the predicted results that indicate in which district there is more probability of a crime occurring by day and time zone.

This is just an example of how we can work on building safer cities. Solutions such as crime prediction are basic for national security. So by using Stream Analytics and Social Media Analytics tools we can help to detect cyber terrorist attacks.

According to Albert Isern, Bismart CEO, expert in Business Intelligence and Big Data, Machine learning and predictive analytics are basic capabilities that are needed throughout business. The automatic learning tool makes systems smarter and it helps organizations to access to hidden internal and external data that could give a competitive advantage.

Nowadays, Machine Learning, Azure Stream Analytics and Big Data are becoming a more accessible technology for any size of company, hosted in Microsoft cloud "Azure", it allows us to predict consumer behaviors, discover new market trends, analyze prices, detect fraud and predict crime.

We invited event attendees to give us their data to develop a pilot using predictive analytics, machine learning or stream analytics with their own data.

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Posted by Maria Gorini