You never know when illness is going to strike you down. In these times, wouldn't it be amazing to get medical help in your own home? This is our vision!

Illness can strike at any time without any warning, and it's always an awful feeling when it does. You can make as many plans or organize as many meetings as you like, and always at the worst time of the year your immune system lets you down leaving you bed-ridden for days. Disaster...

We all know how difficult it can be to get out of bed in these times even just to go to the bathroom, and near impossible to leave your home. That poses a couple of problems - first you're unable to go to work, and second, it's just as difficult to drag yourself to a doctor.

Wouldn't it be much better if you could access the medical knowledge and resources of a doctor, but from the comfort of your own home? Wouldn't it be so much more comfortable to access this knowledge and medical assistance at your own pace, whenever you're able to get out of bed, instead of being forced to visit at specific times that might not suit?

Imagine a device in your own bathroom - or anywhere in your home you prefer - that showed your mirrored image and recognized when and in what ways you are not feeling completely up to scratch.

Imagine small daily recommendations to keep yourself in the best shape, such as you may need to moisturize your face more often to rid the signs of wrinkling.

Imagine waking up one morning with no energy or motivation whatsoever to even leave your home ... but still have quick and easy access to medical advice.

We aim to make this future world a reality thanks to our Medic Mirror

Whether it be a simple headache or something more serious, the Medic Mirror will be there to give you a quick diagnosis and medical advice to your problems. The Medic Mirror will be there to explain the differences between ibuprofen and paracetamol, what chest infections feel like and how to identify one, or even measure your glucose levels and offer recommendations about increasing or decreasing your intake.

With an apparatus system to measure your Body Mass Index, the Medic Mirror can learn to understand better what level of health is normal for the user, and can offer better recommendations as a result.

By answering a questionnaire that is built to pinpoint your areas of pain or distress, the Medic Mirror learns about your sickness to form its answers and recommendations. Depending on your responses, the Medic Mirror's questions will change and adapt in order to give the best and most accurate service.

The machine also comes with a blood pressure gauge and blood glucose meter to test for these things and can give recommendations on what medicines could help you and what foods to take in order to restore your body with the vital nutrients it needs to function properly.

The Medic Mirror is also equipped with emotion recognition technology to identify exactly how you're feeling and identify any potential ailments, and can offer you advice or pre-warnings to avert serious harm. This technology is built on algorithms from Microsoft that Bismart have added to and worked from, allowing for a precise emotion recognition technology.

The Medic Mirror ultimately works as your own private mini doctor, on call 24/7 to give advice and recommendations. Built into the machine is also an option to call your emergency services, so if the situation is grave enough, you will be able to call for an ambulance in the case of emergency.

Say goodbye to having to go through the misery of dragging yourself to your doctor's office or to the local hospital. Instead you can now get the treatment you need from the comfort of your own home!

Posted by Maria Gorini