Big Data solutions can help us solve many different problems, including reducing fatalities in traffic accidents in light of the EU's Road Safety Programme

Here at Bismart, we’re experts at using Big Data solutions to help solve real life problems. Right now, countries across the world are facing a real problem: traffic fatalities. European countries are taking a particularly close look at the issue in light of the European Union’s Road Safety Programme, which sets ambitious goals to halve traffic fatalities by 2020.  

The current situation

Road traffic accidents are a serious issue. In 2011 alone, more than 30,000 people were killed in road accidents in the European Union. This is the same size as a medium town. For each of those 30,000 deaths:

  • 4 people were permanently disabled
  • 8 suffered serious injuries
  • 50 incurred minor injuries

Up until 2015, there was a steady downwards trend in the number of deaths from traffic accidents. However, the trend has since reversed.


The problem? Organizations trying to reduce road traffic accidents simply don’t have enough resources to further bring down the rate of accidents. There aren't any more checkpoints, signposts, or staff to add. Local departments are stuck - they don't have any more of these resources.

Conventional solutions have done as much as they can. If we truly want to reduce traffic fatalities, then it’s imperative we look to technology.

Although these organizations can’t implement more of their tried-and-true techniques, there is a very powerful tool they can use: Big Data solutions.

These solutions are not only better than the current resources, they can also significantly reduce deaths from traffic accidents at a fraction of the cost, according to Smart Cities World.


How can Big Data solutions improve road safety?

Many cities are already implementing innovative Big Data projects to help improve road safety. In Europe, there are both programs directed by the European Union and companies working on ways to use technology to help reduce traffic fatalities.

The EU has created a strategy to create Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, which focuses on reducing human error, streamlining transport systems, and creating environmentally friendly solutions. It also highlights the need to exchange data between different players in the transport system. This is a frequent issue organizations must deal with when implementing Big Data solutions.

Another project directed by the EU is the GEAR 2030 Commission initiative, which is aimed at boosting automated driving and connected vehicles.

big-data-solutions-road-safetyIn addition to initiatives directed by the EU, many companies are also coming up with creative ways to help create safer roads.

One is from UK company INRIX, which uses Big Data to provide safety alerts. These let drivers know ahead of time when they should slow down because of dangerous situations on the road. It can also provide speed estimations.


Bismart’s Traffic Fatalities Prevention solution goes one step further. Not only does it analyze how we can do better when it comes to road safety, but it can also provide prescriptive recommendations with concrete steps organizations can take to reduce traffic fatalities.


Creating safer road is a shared responsibility. Let’s come together to find new ways to keep decreasing traffic fatalities using technology like Big Data solutions.

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Posted by Maria Gorini