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Achieving greater productivity for Bismart is highly related to creating a good working environment

It was fully demonstrated that Business Intelligence and Big Data consultants can dance as well

Last Friday, December 15, the Bismart team (a company specialized in Business Intelligence and Big Data) met to carry out a group cohesion activity. For Bismart, sharing time and space outside our context of Business Intelligence and Big Data is very important. Our main objective is that the team is united, fostering cooperation and teamwork, necessary skills for our daily work.

This year we have chosen creativity, core competence of the company Business Intelligence and Big Data. And that is why we have created a video imitating the first scene of the famous musical La La Land.

But, why does a company specialized in Business Intelligence and Big Data leave the computers one day and start interpreting?!


Bismart believes in betting on its employees, and for that it is necessary to invest in training and activities that encourage cooperation and teamwork. For Bismart (Business Intelligence and Big Data) and its Human Resources department, allocating economic resources for its employees is a priority in order to develop and strengthen the necessary skills for any organization.

We have very much internalized the phrase of Peter Drucker: "where there is a successful company, someone once made a courageous decision." And here we are, ready and waiting, it’s our Business Intelligence philosophy.

We hope that more and more other companies (both Business Intelligence and Big Data and others) will invest for their teams, because everything invested in them will come back to you as a highly competent, qualified and competitive team. As Philip Kotler points out, "the winning companies set the path for their competitors", and here we are, signaling the way and achieving objectives.

We will explain another thing before contextualizing our day. The video that we have created is a single shot video. What does this mean? It means that all our team (operations department, business intelligence, marketing, human resources and commercial) had to work as a team and giving 200% of their potential for each take to be successful. Sometimes we do not have second chances to show customers how good we are in Business Intelligence and Big Data. That is why our recording represents our daily work; our shot had to be perfect.

And now, after sharing with you our philosophy, we will tell you about Bismart's day (Business intelligence and Big Data):

It started like this: a bus was waiting for us at 10:00 a.m. at Sants Estació to take us to the Tractor Museum (no BI employees knew). While we were on our way, a song started playing. We all looked puzzled until they told us what it represented and what we were going to do throughout the day. When we arrived, we had breakfast, they gave us our parts (not related to what we know,  BI and Big Data) and we started to warm up by rehearsing the choreography that we would later perform. Of course, without forgetting before a  session for each and every one of us, although, in all honesty,, when the raw material is good, it does not need much surface (or so the professionals told us). Well, after rehearsing and laughing for half of the morning, we got hungry, so one of our directors got down to work and made us a great barbecue.

After several recordings, we recorded our videoclip! We did it as professionals, because one realizes working day by day with the BI partners of the implication they have for everything, which was amply demonstrated once again. Although, thank goodness that we did not leave all the bloopers in the final video, because we could be laughing for a week. However, with this it is fully demonstrated that, apart from being experts in Business Intelligence and Big Data, we have an artistic side.

So, once finished the last recording, it was time to visit to the Tractor Museum and go to the restaurant to have dinner.

Once everyone was seated, one person from each department (BI, .NET, Big Data, HR, commercial, etc.) together with the managers, gave a speech in which they appreciated the work carried out in 2017.

In addition, it was used to appreciate the value that each one of the workers of the Business Intelligence company deserves, and for this reason prizes and diplomas were given for that amazing daily work of each and every one of them (our consultants, architects and chiefs of business intelligence, big data, and .NET projects, and so on respectively).

Because let’s not forget it, companies are important for the people who make them up, for you, our team, BISMART (Business Intelligence and Big Data).

Ultimately, we want to emphasize that this Team Building has not only served to increase this group cohesion, it also has a solidarity aspect. We have decided to collaborate with the Fundación Acción, Bienestar y Desarrollo (ABD), which provides care to people in social exclusion risk. That is why, for each viewing of our video, a donation will be made to this NGO. Similarly, Bismart (Business Intelligence and Big Data), will provide 10 cents to the amount donated for each visit.

So, take a look at our world of Business Intelligence!

Posted by Maria Gorini