Bismart will present Big Data solutions for smart cities in the worldwide CityNext Microsoft tour in Paris, Hannover, Warsaw, Dubai, Amsterdam and Orlando

Bismart, strategic partner of Microsoft and world leader in Big Data for Smart Cities, has been chosen as the keynote speaker at its world tour 'CityNext' to present Big Data solutions for smart cities. It is a series of lectures to show the advantages of these solutions, designed to provide answers to the needs of citizens to improve their day to day. The concept of Smart City is held in the use and modernization of the new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT), which results in more efficient management of services and resources of the city. Albert Isern, CEO of Bismart will use the example of Barcelona City Council to demonstrate its transformation into an innovative city taking information from the large amounts of data being generated around town, through open data solutions and Big Data developed by his company.

Bismart solutions are the flagship of Microsoft CityNext, global initiative that allows cities to put people first, and provide the perfect solution for the transformation to safer, smarter and healthier cities.

In this global program, Bismart will show how thanks to Microsoft CityNext solutions cities can "do more with less", by applying innovative thinking on existing infrastructures. The big advantage is that it is always done with modernization approach that not only works today, but also be sustainable in the future.

Bismart is working on achieving standard indicators for smart cities, provides answers to the strategic priorities of the Smart Cities: environment, how to improve mobility, increased resilience, economic development and improved quality of life.

Posted by Maria Gorini