This third edition of the conference “Forum TURISTIC 2015” the main focus will be on the keys of "tourism of the future". A series of roundatables will take place to deepen on the impact of technology and the new business scenario that is drawing in the tourism sector. Albert Isern, CEO of Bismart, will demostrate our Smart Destination application and its implementation in order to show attendees how this application analyzes large amounts of information generated around the cities to provide the best experience of the city both for tourists and citizens. This information is obtained from multiple sensors in which the citizen is the protagonist. For example, the queues at the monuments, the flow of traffic on the streets, scheduling events, the gastronomy, intelligent energy management, hotel occupancy, the weather conditions, etc. all in real time.

These series of concepts are what we mean when we talk about Big Data, Internet of Things and Smart Cities. Our Smart Destination application captures, processes and correlates data from multiple and complex sources in real time. This application has been developed by Bismart with the support of Microsoft, the City of Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia. This year Bismart solutions are the flagship of Microsoft’s global initiative called CityNext, offering the perfect solution in the process of transformation in Smart Cities, citizen-oriented, more sustainable, prosperous and economically competitive cities.