Artificial intelligence is a well established technology in the business environment. However, many organisations don't know how to apply it for better customer strategies.

10 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most widely used technologies to improve business processes. Beyond automation and predictive analytics, more and more organisations are using artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience. Here are 10 ways in which artificial intelligence can be applied to achieve more satisfied customers

10 formas en las que la inteligencia artificial puede mejorar la experiencia de cliente

Artificial intelligence has become a crucial technology for most organisations. Process automation, advanced security features and predictive analytics are some of its most common uses. However, AI also plays a major role in customer strategies

Due to its wide range of possibilities and applications, it can be difficult to understand how we can leverage artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience and better meet our customers' needs, especially for those companies that are just starting to work with this technology. However, its potential in terms of customer strategies is not one to be ignored. 

Here are 10 ways artificial intelligence can help you improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. 


10 ways to improve the customer experience with artificial intelligence
1. Marketing insights

One of the most straightforward ways in which artificial intelligence can help us achieve more satisfied customers is by exploiting it to obtain better marketing insights from customer data. AI is an exceptional resource for getting to know our customers better and generating intelligence from their interactions with our brand. In other words, customer intelligence. 

With this technology we can not only gain a better understanding of how our customers behave and why, but we can also predict what will they do next. 

2. Identifying and analysing behavioural patterns

In relation to the previous point, artificial intelligence is the technology you need to identify behavioural patterns, analyse them and transform them into better marketing and customer engagement actions

Identifying behavioural patterns is especially relevant in e-commerce. Most digital retailers already apply artificial intelligence to analyse e-shopping behaviour patterns, improve customer service in the digital environment and increase sales. 

3. Getting additional data

AI is one of the most effective tools to easily obtain more quantitative and qualitative customer data. More than the quantity of data, artificial intelligence is a good resource for distinguishing smart data from unproductive data, which can help us to better gauge customer sentiment and improve the customer experience. 

4. Identify unsatisfied customers

In the customer loyalty management market, AI and machine learning are used to predict customer churn. By identifying dissatisfied customers based on buying patterns and behaviour, we can create strategies to reactivate them through appropriate incentives in line with their customer lifetime value.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to assess what the value of the reward should be for each customer or customer segment.

5. Automated commercial offers

Although many marketers still complain that they don't have enough insights about the customer journey, most companies have more customer experience data than they actually exploit. This is often because identifying and processing valuable data manually is a major challenge. 

In this regard, we can use artificial intelligence to automate commercial offers. Through customer segmentation, we can identify the behaviour each type of customer has during the purchasing process and automate the sending of promotions according to, for example, their level of interest in buying.

6. Identification of preferences

Customer interactions in the digital environment are more valuable than we might think. AI enables organisations to take marketing and customer service a step further by recognising preferences for each customer or segment. We can use AI to understand and apply consumer data and preferences to optimise our digital experiences, identifying the most effective resources and recommendations to keep consumers engaged and motivated.

7. Offering relevant products and content

At this point we are used to entering a website or a social network and finding ads related to something we had been looking for the day before, a few hours or 5 minutes earlier. The truth is that artificial intelligence is being used every day to improve our online shopping experience by offering relevant products and content tailored to our behaviour and interests. 

The personalised offer of relevant products benefits both customers, who will find what they need faster, and companies, who increase their chances of sales and customer acquisition. 

8. Personalised customer experiences

Machine learning a type of artificial intelligence is one of the best resources for creating personalised customer experiences and helping customers get what they want faster. By identifying and analysing behavioural patterns, AI will help us understand each customer's preferences based on their browsing patterns and purchase history to better predict their needs and provide them with a personalised customer experience. 

9. Less manual tasks

Artificial intelligence also improves the customer experience when applied to customer service. In this scenario, AI can be used to reduce manual tasks and allow the marketing or customer service team to focus on delivering a higher quality customer service. By using AI, companies can collect key data points directly from the consumer to identify consumer trends that are only visible in customer service

10. Chatbots

Finally, we reach one of the most widely used resources in e-commerce, chatbots. Organisations can improve the customer experience with AI by using chatbots that ingest not only a user's text query, but also the sequence of interactions the user has already had with the website.

In addition, most chatbots work through bimodal data that lets the system know what the user needs and what their problem is before the user even says anything. 


In short

Artificial intelligence is a mainstream technology in the business environment. However, its application to customer strategies is still residual, as organisations do not know how to harness its potential to better satisfy their customers.

In this article, we have reviewed 10 ways in which AI can help us improve the customer experience. Yet, every business has specific needs and artificial intelligence knows no limits. 

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